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 Back Yard Brawling (Flashback)

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PostSubject: Back Yard Brawling (Flashback)   Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:17 pm

Back Yard Brawling

Moving through the streets of Caotang, I let out a soft sigh as the desire for a drink begins to grow more then I can handle. Shifting my gaze I notice a building I had over looked many times while in the area, an establishment by the name of The Jade Crow. Though I had not been in the place before I had heard that it was an establishment where you could get a stiff drink if you wanted one. Making my way to the building, I push my way through the entrance and glance around as I enter the Jade Crow. The mood inside the Jade Crow was both lively and tense though as Valkrist entered many of the patrons turned there gaze to the newcomer. I shift my gaze, taking in the interior of the Crow, glancing at the people looking at me. After a moment I turn my gaze from them and make my way over to a table in the corner and sit down. As I sit down at the table I lean back into the seat and begin to shift my gaze, again scanning my surroundings as I let out a soft sigh while I start to relax. It wasn't long before a server came up to Valkrist, " Greetings sir, what can I get you? " the server asks as she looks down at Valkrist. As the server moves towards my table, I glance at her for a moment though it isn't until I hear the question that I turn my full attention to her. Turning my gaze to the server, I glance over her form for a moment before I speak up, " Bring me some tea, would you please? " I say as I look at the server. With a smile, the server nods, " Yes sir. I'll be back in a moment with your drink. " She said before turning and walking away. I watch the server for a moment as she walks away, before finally turning my gaze from her and glancing around the room again. While the server is gone I simply scan over my surroundings, checking everything out as I wait for her to return with my drink. When I see the server begin moving towards me, I watch her as she draws near. The server moves over to Valkrist's table and sets a cup down before setting a small kettle pot down, " Here you go sir, will that be all? " She asks, looking to Valkrist. I watch the server as she sets my drink down and as she asks me if that will be all I give a light nod of my head, " Yes. ". She gives a nod in return, " Alright. " She says before turning and walking away. I turn my attention to the cup and kettle pot she had set before me. Reaching out I take a hold of the handle of the pot and carefully begin to poor the tea into the cup.

Once the cup was full of tea I set the pot back down and watch as the steam slowly raises from the cup. I watch the steam raise from the cup for a few moments before reaching out and taking a hold of the cup. Lifting the cup from the table I bring it closer to my lips and as I do so I take in the scent of the tea before placing the cup against my lips and tip the cup up, taking a sip from the tea inside it. After taking a light sip of the tea I set the cup back down and slowly shift my gaze around the crowed. My gaze shifted to some sounds off in another part of the room as it seems a squabble between two men drinking was starting to take place. I only kept my attention on the matter for a few moments before I turned my attention back to my tea. Picking up the cup again, I take another sip of it as I shift my gaze towards the bar. With my gaze set upon the bar I slowly scan over it as I take a sip from my tea, the simple squabble at the table growing in size until it starts to shift gears into a small scale fight in the bar. My attention isn't brought back to the small fight until a chair strikes the wall behind me, causing me to shift my attention to what was going on, a glare taking form on my face rather quickly. Through the air came another chair, though with this one I am forced to actually move in order to dodge the flying object. As it smashes into the wall behind me like the previous, I raise up and let out a soft growl as I look over at the fight. No longer wishing to simply watch the fight I step forward, deciding to join it since it had already disturbed me while I was relaxing. Dashing forwards to close the distance, I tackle one of the combatants to the ground from behind. As I take the man to the ground I grab the back of his head and pull back before thrusting his head forwards, smashing his face into the wooden floor below him. Though I put all my force behind the attack I made sure it wouldn't do enough damage to kill the man, simply knock him out. Before I could get up off the man I am tackled to the ground by another man. Falling to the ground on my back, I let out a growl as I begin to try and get up. Before Valkrist could try and get up, the one who tackled him lands a quick punch to the side of Valkrist's face before he starts punching him more. I am met with a swift punch to the face that stuns me for a brief moment and before I can recover and regain my wits about me the man atop me begins pummeling me with even more blows.

" ALRIGHT!! That's enough!! " A man with a loud booming voice calls out. The entire fight stopped right then and there, the man atop Valkrist turned his attention to the one yelling. " Take this out back to the arena if you want to continue. " The man said as he surveyed the ones fighting. The man atop Valkrist climbs off him and rubs his chin, " I'll see you in the arena. " he said down to Valkrist before walking away from Valkrist. I didn't know what the man was talking about though I did know that I wasn't going to let the man that attacked me get away, not with out some pay back. Climbing to my feet, I wipe some blood from my face as I look to the man that told everyone to go out back. The man looked at Valkrist and smirked faintly, " A new comer huh? " He said as he looked over Valkrist, " Well the arena is out back, if you want to fight, head out there. " The man says, pointing to a door. Turning my gaze from the male, I look to the door before giving a faint nod, " Alright. " I say as I make my way to the door and then out back where I find men already fighting. I quickly find the male that had attacked me and he spots me and grins, " Don't worry, you'll get your turn. " The man says as he looks at Valkrist. I let out a soft growl at the mans comment, turning my gaze back to the fight already taking place. The fight didn't last much longer, ending with one of the men that were fighting winning the fight. With the fight coming to an end, the man that attacked me in the Jade Crow steps forwards, moving into the arena before he points at me, " You and me. " He says. With a faint nod, I step forwards and move into the arena with the man. No indication of the fight starting came from the out side like one would think, instead the male launched right into attacking, closing the distance between himself and Valkrist before he began throwing punches like crazy. As the male came at me and began to launch punches, I missed the first to and ended up getting hit by them before I managed to get a guard up and block against the next attacks he launched at me. I take the mans attacks only a moment before I launch into my own offensive, ducking below one of his punches before I come up with an upper cut, planting my fist into his stomach. The male gasps for air as Valkrist's plants a fist into his stomach. Pulling my fist from the mans stomach, with out missing a beat, I come down with my other arm and strike the man in the back with my elbow, knocking him to the ground.

I watch as the male falls to the ground and let out a soft growl as I watch him. After hitting the ground, he remained there for a moment before he began to get back to his feet. As the man begins to get back up to his feet I move around to the side of him and bring my leg up swiftly, kicking him in the side and knocking him back onto the ground. Before he can get back up he is struck again and the man falls over grabbing his side as he lets out a groan of pain. I descend down onto the man and pin him to the ground before I begin to strike at his face in much the same fashion he had done to me inside the building. Laying under Valkrist, the man brings up his arms to defend himself against the attacks launched by Valkrist. Though the man put up his arms to defend, I continue to launch punch after punch, slamming my fists into the man's arms as he brings them up and uses them as a shield to defend against my attacks. Finally I let up on my assault, letting out a soft growl as I look down at the male, holding my punches for a moment. When the punches stop, the male begins to lower his arms to look up at Valkrist. I watch the man and as he begins to move his arms I quickly lash out with a strike, smashing my fist into the man's face. After the strike, I grab the man by the hair and begin slamming the back of his head into the ground. I didn't stop until the man stopped struggling, though I made sure not to kill the man... Releasing the man's head I slowly climb to my feet, panting lightly as I look down at him. " We have a victor. " The man from inside the bar said as he stepped forwards, " The newcomer wins! " He yells out as he moves up next to Valkrist and lifts his hand into the air, " Congratulations. " I glance at the man for a moment as I continue panting. " Come with me and I'll give you your reward. " He said, letting go of Valkrist's arm and heading back inside. Reward? I didn't know there was a reward, but it was welcomed. Following after the man I move into the bar and over to the bar where he stood. " Here you are, your reward. " The man says, holding up a bottle to Valkrist. Coming to the man, I look at the 'reward' before looking back at the man " This? " I ask. The man nods, " Indeed, it is a magical bottle that will never empty, or at least that's what the legend says. I've been to afraid to try it out. " He said with a nod. I looked at the bottle for a moment before grabbing it, " Alright... " I say as I take the bottle from the man. With bottle in hand, I make my way out of the Jade Crow and let out a soft sigh as I glance around, trying to figure out what to do with the bottle and if it even did what the man said. Scanning the area, my gaze falls upon a well. Making my way over to the well I let out a light sigh as I reach down with a free hand and scoop up some of the water before sipping on it from my hand. After taking a few sips of the water from my hand, I reach down with the bottle and fill it with the water in the well so I would have some for later. With the bottle filled, I slip it into my sash and begin to walk away from the well, letting out another sigh as I make my way down the street.

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Back Yard Brawling (Flashback)
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