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 Beasts of The Deep (Flashback)

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PostSubject: Beasts of The Deep (Flashback)   Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:07 pm

Beasts of The Deep

Having heard rumors of the things that live through out the Deep, I had decided to visit the place once again to search for creatures that would support me in my 'cause', though I had no clue what my cause was I simply wished to have more power backing me.. Moving through the forest I slowly shift my gaze as I search for the type of beast that I seek. As I move through the forest I begin to sense a spiritual signature ahead of me so I decided to get in closer for a look to see what is the source of the signature. The signature seems to remain in a single area as I move through the forest and compared to me felt extremely weak. Coming upon the source of the signature my gaze falls upon a beast much like I had seen back in Onitoshi, a low ranked spirit entity that can be found through out the forests of Onitoshi, though this indeed was the beast I sought.. Looking down at the creature, I let out a soft sigh before I begin to descend down to ground level. The beast catches Valkrist's approach and backs up as it begins growling at the demon. Coming to rest on my feet I look over at the creature as it growls at me. Slowly I begin to raise my hand as I look at the creature, " I mean you no harm. " I say to the creature. The creature continues to growl at Valkrist as it ends up backing up into a tree. As Valkrist speaks with his hand out stretched, the creature quickly shifts gears and launches into an offensive. Charging straight for Valkrist, the beast lashes out at him with his jaws, biting at the out stretched hand. It seemed the beast didn't wish to talk and would rather attack me instead. As it goes for my hand I quickly pull my hand back and lash out at the creature, though I decide not to try and kill the thing, instead I back hand it, knocking it away from me. After getting hit, the creature lands on the ground and growls more at Valkrist as it launches its self at him once again. This time as the beast comes at me, I shift to the side, evading the attack and pulling away from it, " I'm not here to hurt you. " I state as I look at the beast. The beast came at Valkrist once again, launching its self into the air at the demon. It was clear that this demon was more feral then civilized, though living a life of survival day to day could do that to you.. Calling up on my demonic powers, I lash out with one of my chaotic familiars, the wolf head grasping the beast and slamming it to the ground though it makes no move to finish the beast off after pinning it to the ground. After hitting the ground the beast begins to struggle against the familiar and try to get free from its grasp. With the beast pinned to the ground by my familiar, I let out a light sigh as I watch it struggle to get free, " Am I sure about this? " I ask myself, falling silent for a moment before nodding my head faintly, " We shall see. " I murmur lightly as I make my way over to the beast as it rests on the ground struggling and fighting to get free. The beast looks up at Valkrist and growls at him as it continues struggling. Looking down at the beast I place my hand upon the hilt of my katana and unsheathe the weapon before pointing the blade down at the beast. " I have no intent in harming you demon. I seek you and your kin for my group, Cerberus and my empire. When I come calling for you and your kin I expect you to heed my calling and work for me. And if you do so I will provide for you. " I say before withdrawing my blade and slipping it back into its sheath. As I sheath my blade I allow the familiar I had pinning the beast down to begin to break into magical partials and fade away. Now that it was no longer being pinned the beast climbs to its feet and at first it growls and snarls at Valkrist as it begins to back away before it turns and dashes into the woods. I watch the beast as it gets up and begins to back away and when it turns and runs into the woods I let out a soft sigh, " I guess it accepted... " I say to myself as I gaze into the woods where the beast had disappeared. With that taken care of, I raise into the air and begin to move through the forest to take care of other matters.

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Beasts of The Deep (Flashback)
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