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 The Corrupt Blade (Flashback)

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PostSubject: The Corrupt Blade (Flashback)   Sat Dec 25, 2010 5:06 pm

The Corrupt Blade

As I shift my gaze from side to side, scanning the forest around me, I let out a heavy sigh of annoyance as I try to figure out just where in the hell I am at in this damned forest. " Damn forest. " I grumble softly to myself as I continued to move through the air a foot or so off the ground as I shift my gaze as I try to find something that looks familiar, though all I am met with his tree after tree in The Deep. " Why the hell did I come to this place. " I ask myself with a soft growl. As I ask myself I recant the encounter I had in the human city with a spirit telling me of a powerful weapon in the forest though any attempt to get the weapon would mean sure doom for the person. Though I was warned about trying to get the weapon I chose not to heed the warning and instead launched headlong into the forest in search of the weapon spoken of and ended up getting lost in the vast tree ridden location. Slowing to a stop, I hover in the air as I let out a low growl as I shift my gaze, slowly spinning around as I scan the forest around me, " Where could this damn sword be. " I ask myself aloud as I shift my gaze still scanning the forest. After a moment longer of simply scanning the forest around me I begin to move once again, charging off in a different direction, though I tried not to go the same way I had came. Moving through the air once again I begin to shift my gaze as I turn my head side to side as I look for some sign of what I am looking for. As I shift my gaze, searching the forest something catches my eyes that causes me to stop and shift my attention. Shifting my attention it falls upon a cave entrance. As I look at the cave entrance a ghostly whispers flows through the air and surrounds me, beckoning me to enter the cave. Now this in no way was creepy or dangerous, no.. With the ghostly whispers calling for me I begin to move forwards through the forest and come upon the cave. As I come upon the cave I am met with an aura of death coming from the cave. Moving closer to the cave the aura grows stronger and stronger until I enter the cave where I am engulfed by the aura. The darkness of the cave swallowed me and it became difficult to see what was around me. Squinting my eyes helped me see some through the darkness and though I couldn't see to well I moved forwards going deeper into the cave. As I moved deeper into the cave I began to hear the sound of moving water ahead of me. I begin to move towards the sound of the water and as I grow closer I begin to see trace amounts of light that begin to grow brighter as I continue to move forwards. As I continue to move forwards the ghostly whispers continue to wrap around me, urging me to continue moving forwards. The light continues to grow as I move forwards until I finally come upon the source of the sound, a river that flows through the cave and on the other side of it rest a portal. Shifting my gaze, I glance over the river before bringing my gaze to rest on the portal on the other side of the river. Resting my gaze upon the magical portal I watch as magical energy swirls around the edge of the portal and inside rest an image, one that I recognize quite easily. Looking at the portal that appeared to go to Onitoshi, I sigh lightly as I begin to move forwards. Moving forwards I step onto the water and begin to walk across the surface only a few inches from the moving liquid. After moving across the river I come to a stop in front of the portal and slowly shift my gaze over it for a moment and let out a light sigh as I begin to move forwards once again, stepping through the portal and into Onitoshi. As I move through the portal I find myself in Onitoshi. Glancing around for a moment now in Onitoshi I continue to move forwards as I scan the area in front of me. " This couldn't be where I needed to go, could it? No, the man said it was the Deep, not Onitoshi.. " I say to myself as I continue to move forwards while scanning the area. If this was not the area that I needed to be in then I need to head back to the deep instead of continuing to deviate from my task. With this in mind, I come to a stop and let out a light sigh as I turn and begin my way back to the portal. As I make my way back towards the portal I am forced to stop before getting to the portal by a large ogre demon that steps out of the portal and blocks my way. The ogre demon brandishes a large barbaric blade and looks at Valkrist before letting out a roar of anger. Looking at the demon as it lets out an angry roar I begin to growl at the thing as my anger swells with in me now that the thing blocks my path. The ogre begins to charge forwards for Valkrist and as it gets with in range it swings down with its large blade, aiming to cleave Valkrist in two with a single strike. I watch the ogre as it charges forwards and as it comes down with its blade I quickly move to the side, dodging the attack. The ogre smashes the blade into the ground as Valkrist dodges, its large metal blade busting the ground apart under the force of the attack. Shifting my gaze, I glance at the ground where the ogre had hit with its weapon. Turning my gaze back to it, I reached down to the sword I kept at my side. The ogre began to charge Valkrist once again, drawing its massive blade back it took another swing at the demon. This time as the ogre took a swing at me, I brought my sword up and used it as a shield of sorts to block the attack. Though I had blocked the attack the ogre was capable of putting a great deal of force behind its attack and as it's blade strikes my own the force is transferred from the ogres weapon to myself, knocking me off my feet and through the air. Flying through the air I release my grip on my sword and as I hit the ground I let out a groan of pain as I roll across the ground before coming to a stop with my face against the ground. As I lay on the ground I could hear the sound of the ogres feet against the ground as it begins to move towards me. Knowing I couldn't lay like this forever since my impending doom was approaching, I claw at the ground some as I begin to raise from the ground. My weapon had been knocked from my grasp and now rest on the other side of the ogre. I glance at the ogre for a moment before I begin to shift my gaze as I think on what to do. As I shift my gaze I catch sight of a sheathed sword laying atop a pedistool. As I raise to my feet I make a quick dash for the sword. Just as Valkrist moves from where he once was the ogre swings down with its sword, cleaving into the ground where Valkrist had been laying. As the ogre misses Valkrist again, it lets forth another roar of anger. Coming to the pedestal I reach out and snatch the sheathed sword from its resting place with out any concern to why it was laying there or who it belonged too. Turning to face the ogre I unsheathed the sword and brandished it against the demon. The ogre again charged for Valkrist, ready to strike at the demon once again. This time as the demon charged me I was ready and knew I couldn't block his attack so I would have to dodge it again, though this time I was going to launch a counter attack instead of remaining on the defensive. As the ogre came in with its attack, I quickly dodged to the side to evade its attack and as I moved out of the way I swung in with my newly acquired sword and sliced into the demons flesh. The ogre let out a small cry of pain at the attack but quickly fell to its knees as a crippling pain struck it. I pause for a moment as the beast goes to the ground in agony.. With a faint shrug of my shoulders since I didn't know why it could no longer fight back, I move up to the beast since it was time to kill it and for some reason it could no longer fight back. Thrusting forward with the blade, I stab the blade into the ogre's head before giving the blade a twist. The ogre's life ended almost instantaneously as the blade pierced through its skull and sank into its brain. With the ogre dead I pull the blade from its head and sling it to the side to sling the blood from the blade before re-sheathing it. After sheathing the blade I begin to move away from the dead beast, slipping the weapon into my sash as I move over to my other sword and pick it up. I sheath my other sword as well before making my way through the portal and back to the moral realm to continue my tasks....

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The Corrupt Blade (Flashback)
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