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 Red Wine

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PostSubject: Red Wine   Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:47 am

     It was just a casual day in Arden; for Arden, that is. Most of the streets were ripe with apparent cataclysm, as usual. A variety of things were fighting and doing their usual competitions. It was impossible to say that the setting looked any better than it does at any other time. This is why Sen had decidedly taken a different route. It had led her through a path that would keep her elusive and ward away chances at combat but rose the chances of being stalked by particular demonic salesman who were trying to make a few bucks. Not to mention, it was then she was approached by what looked like a shady figure.
"Down here." It would say. She had been deceived. As she looks down she notices that the tattered cloth and disguised fruit as the head had been a mere facade to display that perhaps it wasn't something to reckon with, in comparison to what it actually looked like. A small spirit, no more than three feet in height; it seemed to be a furry thing but exactly what its species was had been anybody's guess.
"Are you insane perchance? What is it?" She would question in a surprisingly nonchalant voice. It seems to ignore her question and began to rummage through the stack of deceiving clothing it'd been carrying along with it as a makeshift disguise. "Listen lady, I don't got much time. You interested in this?"
It withdraws some sort of bottle. It looked much like something that would holster liquid commonly referenced as wine. The hellish colors of it seemed suitable for the common pigmentation of the vicinity. It offers her the bottle. Sen seems a tad bit confused a first but acquires her mundane amused, condescending expression. "Give me that." Receptive, she'd take the bottle from the strange little yokai.
"That'll be..." It states a price that had been completely outrageous. Her eyes immediately elongate as she mutters a demonic incantation. A nearby hunk of brimstone is lifted up before crashing over the yokai's skull. It is immediately knocked to the ground in a morbid display of vehemence. "That was a lovely transaction. Thanks."
Later on she'd been taking her usual paths before she'd crossed another spirit. This time it seemed to be one with a sensible attire and appearance. Not to mention vastly more intelligent. "Where'd you get that?" He snaps as he charges her with a sudden query. "Hmmm?" She looks towards the item grasped within her hand. "Oh you mean this?" Sen waves it around, swishing its content broadly within the glass vessel. "Some lower order 'gave' it to me." Would be her response; yet, there is no particular indication that she hadn't been telling the truth. "I warn you. You should not carry that around, you'll regret it!" He sounded old, and more insane than a lot of the inhabitants of this area. She barely batted a glance as she'd resume her pace, walking straight by the demonic individual.
"Is there something I missed?" Sen looks around her. Approximately three hours later she'd been surrounded by a bunch of hooded figures. They all seemed to be brandishing scythes offensively but didn't seem to be exhibiting any overwhelming power. They did not speak; instead they pointed towards what she was currently holding. "...belongs to uss. Sstolen by a yokai this morning... Give it back..." They appeared to have some sort of affiliation with snakes given their unorthodox tongue.
"What? I had to kill for this shit. You'll get it back when I've finished." She would say. They all began to get onto the offensive. In rebuttal Sen would do something that she'd been practicing for a while; digging deeper into her inner power or something. They were going through some sort of long demonic incantation which warranted more than enough time for her to concentrate. Much to the exactitude of other demons, she would use her flight abilities to ascend into the sky. Just in time. A multitude of earth spikes rose from the ground, just missing her. They all hiss and grunt as she soars away.
Taking a small draught from it she would notice its replenishing qualities. Her face read with fascination and contemplation at the same time. "Hmmm..." Walking passed a few molten rocks near the outskirts of the old city she tossed the bottle elsewhere. "No, this isn't what I've been looking for at all."

- - -
Flight Acquisition Quest
At some point in time, a spirit should find that it can float and or fly. This quest is to tell about the point in time when that was accomplished or to explain how its been accomplished up until now. Some spirits will sprout large wings that will allow it to fly, or others will simply be able to float or fly by controlling their movement in the air. However it is done, an entity will be able to fly on its own with the completion of this quest.
... Requires: 750 words
... Reward: Flight (passive) - the ability to move through the air at a speed based on the character's attributes.

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Red Wine
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