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Prelude Pbucket
Mei awoke in her room in an excessively groggy state. Her limbs felt cold and still and she felt like she couldn't lift herself up from the bed at all. When she finally does so her footing had been almost lost upon getting out, though quickly stabilized. That seemed to wake her up a bit more. Yet, something else begins to occur as she stands by her bed, making her way over to her window to part the curtains. Her stomach didn't really feel good, either. "Erugh..." The splitting of the curtains allowed crisp light to flood into the room. She reached for her contacts, but had doubled over. She began to pant at an exceptional pace to indicate that something was not normal. Her hand bats over the box of contacts, sending them to the ground. Suddenly she finds herself upon her knees. "What's...happening?" She meekly asks herself before returning to her knees. Refusing to yield and remaining stalwart, she makes her way to the washroom. Her heed looms into the mirror. An acute pain is within her cheek. Her hand slowly caresses it, and she notices something. There was a thin bulge on her face, like some sort of mark or blemish. Her brow furrows in fair disgust as she resumes her gaze towards the toilet, throwing up into it.

She marches her way downstairs, pondering about what was happening to her. Reaching for her cabinet she would open them up to reveal pill bottles. Her hand grasps around a particular bottle labelled 'Vitamin D'. Twisting the cap off she'd spill ten capsules into her hand. A cup, water, and the pills, she would swallow the ten capsules simultaneously, striking her system with crudely ten thousand UI. It seemed to be in attempts of neutralizing whatever had plagued her. Her fingers go over the scar-like mark and hurriedly concludes that it was still there. "No. Why is this happening?" There is never a decline in panic as she clenches her teeth to form a sturdy barricade of white. She grabs the stuffed, black bunny from the kitchen table and looks towards it. "Tell me. What has happened recently?" Of course there isn't a response from the stuffed critter. "Have you gone insane? There's no way this is caused normally. What were the major demonic encounters as of recent?" Despite the lack of verbal response she would continue to go on. "No. I barely got touched in the fight where Izumi was my ally. You mentioned the other one with that wolf spirit I killed, though. Why?" It was at that moment Mei's face would become surprised as she remembered a certain detail.

The beast's lengthy tongue barely contrasting at all with the size of its body had run across her face, lubricating that cheek with a coat of morbid saliva. It had not been after that her gun had been driven into the spirit's tongue, firing a virulent round and four extra into the muzzle of the beast. Momentary memories allows her to remember this, and those consecutive shots that seemingly rendered the beast dead.

"And you say this is conceivable, George?" She questions. Pulling the lifeless rabbit toy around she would retrieve a book. She flips hastily through its contents. "I recall reading something in this context." Mei would stop on a page and trace a notable sentence with her finger. "Thou that is humane is vulnerable to a variety of plagues; both mind and body is feeble in comparison to that of the daemon. The mind under stress can have a diversity of unwanted effects." She would read as she closes up the book. Her face contorts into a grimace as she tightens her grasp around the ear of the rabbit. Her bare feet stomp back up the stairs firmly. "What are you saying I've been stressed lately? How is stress and spit even factors in this scenario?" Half way up the stairs she would slam her hand against the wall for support. The mark on her face begins to spread through her body, writhing through her skin. It began to transform a variety of locations on her. Her eye notably begins to change, and things appear to be occurring peculiarly with her hair. She writhes and screams as she feels her fingertips breaking and molding slightly, the bone within that is. Raising her hand she would look towards her hand, confirming that her fingernails had extended and seemed to have converted into a much more durable material entirely - they were claws. There was something brushing against the back of her leg but she paid it no attention. The girl would simply run as fast as she could up the stairs. Arriving in the washroom, she would peer into the mirror before her.

The scream is audible even outside of her house.

The mark was gone. Yet, her hands were clinging around things much more problematic. There were feline protrusions, ears, on the top of her head. Her canines were enlarged, and worst of all, what she had felt against her leg had not been mundane; it was a tail. All feline aspects were the achromatic shade of her hair. Her eyes are wide with horror; not to mention, one of her eyes... She pushes the mirror back and puts a square bandage over that 'eye'. There would be obvious contemplation to go through. Yet, for some reason, a small...smile had been apparent on her awestruck face as her heed broadly loomed into the mirror before her.

Taint Quest - Complete. (Felyne)
Prelude Pbucket
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