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PostSubject: Schemata   Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:52 pm

His plea fell upon deaf ears. Typical. An outstretched hand was left to drift in unholy ridicule, sharing company with but the shunning gusts sweeping by. Ironic it was for a creature such as he to request strength from a source that had long-since cast him aside, jailed him within a realm of merciless flame and brimstone. His pitiful efforts were no fault of his own for forcibly had he been turned upon Saichuushigai. Nevertheless, who could he turn to besides himself? It was his only option, his only method of liberation – evolution.

Within the confines of his apartment, he found a moment to gaze upon a mirror. The reflection was a self unlike his old. Hand pressed firm against it, his eyes traced throughout the contours of his human visage. Peculiar, unfitting, not within his tastes, which was evident with the appearance of a grimace. Eyes narrow, he peered closer as to scrutinize the image before him. Only one advantage was obvious, and that was the increase to his height. Though, never had he before possessed an issue with such matters, preferring a compact physique over one that would cause him to stand out more than was needed.

Down at Hell’s Kitchen, however, his newfound height permitted him to accomplish the tasks his dead-end job had him do; at least, without hovering about. Regardless, staring into the face of a pseudo human brought discomfort. “Why would anybody wanna masquerade around as a human, anyway?” Qualude stated within a hush, words directed towards nobody but himself and his puppet-of-a reflection. This thoughts settled atop the emergence of this transformation. He knew of it, nose had been rubbed in it, in fact, for long-since had he been submersed within the crowd of these higher order demons and their hauteur-soused air.

No longer could the mirror hold his interest. Discarding its worth, he removed himself from the bathroom and moved towards a window overlooking the streets of New Arden. Lids heavy with a seemingly unfounded ire resulted within a narrowed gaze towards its faceless occupants. Acerbic did the atmosphere become as his attention turned outwards. With a snort, he turned away, closed his eyes and turned inward. Shady drapery speckled with indiscernible, phantasmal paints became his surroundings. From the depths of nullity did he move to extract what had never been lost. The time had arrived. Enough of an experience had been gained with the form he attained. It was time to begin upon a path to restore powers lost. With the pooling of enough billowing potential, the fleshy curtains concealing his eyes rose, partially cloaked within a crimson shroud of luminance.

Shrinkage was swift, leaving Qualude able to gaze upon his transfiguration immediately. His stature shortened, complexion dyed a familiar green speckled seemingly erratically with patches of deep red hair. His most distinguishing feature returned, ears undeniably lengthy. There was no whelming air to take hold for nothing unexpected had happened. He drew a hand before him, balled it into a tight fist.

“Now for the rest of my powers…”


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