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 Mountain fever

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PostSubject: Mountain fever   Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:09 am

A strange wind covered the room, moving the doorway to my balcony slightly more open than it had needed. A startling sickness had came across the mountains, and now we were waiting it out. Several had died already, so my family had been ordered to stay inside the Great Hall. The only saving grace was that it overlooked Chaythe, allowing us to keep up on the city's affairs. The three remaining generals were placing the city in a state of emergency, and until this was over, there would be little that anyone of us could do.

damn.. I was getting old. I had seen a long life, despite the wars and battles that I had been involved with. It wouldn't be long now before my time would pass, and my son would finally take the full reigns in my place. Maybe he would be able to accomplish the few things that had eluded me in life. A quiet cough breached my parched lips, echoing across the marble bedroom. I was far too tired to close the door. Oh well..

- Magistrate Cruze [61]
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Mountain fever
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