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 Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2

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Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2   Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2 EmptySat Mar 19, 2011 5:59 pm

Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2 Pbucket
Rat tat tat tat……rat tat tat tat…..rat tatatatat….
He strolled just slightly ahead of the party that he led. These people were new comers to the city, which was something odd to ssay considering that it had only been in existance for roughly 5 months. Almost half a year. His eyes widened at that sudden realisation. He looked down and noticed that he had ran out of cigarettes. None in the box. " Shit". He tossed it to the ground before realising one of his own laws was against littering. He rolled his eyes and then bent down to pick it up. Likely they'd be wondering just why he'd done that and then picked it up again. Didn't matter. He'd chuck it in one of the lava fonts. For now. Back in the pocket. He jumped onto the main road that led into the city and it wasn't long before they were among buildings. The centre city was fully complete and was for the most part bustling with open trade from the local demonic forces.

Despite the locals being demons however there was a distinct lack of violence in the city. In fact. If it wern't for the general feeling of oppression and discord one got from being in Onitoshi. Someone could probably mistake this place for a city in the human world. Well. That was until the screaching roar tore across the air. Those who would look up would see a dragon flying overhead. Well. It wasn't really a dragon. It just had the look and shape of one. And happened to breath purple fire. It was a demonic creature. One of the more interesting sights of the city. The draconian guardian. Grimm.

" Well boys, welcome to Gera'Sey...Don't suppose any of you have any cigarettes on ya?".

Word Count: 291
Total Word Count: 291

Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2 Pbucket
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Stumbling Across a Penny: Part 2
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