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 Kendo Club(Open)

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PostSubject: Kendo Club(Open)   Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:57 pm

Adrian stood in the center of the empty club 'dojo'. His eyes were closed as he breathed slowly, the practice sword in his hand. It was much lighter than his Devil's Teardrop. But it was weighty enough for him to notice. But it didn't feel right either. The item in his hand was just that. It wasn't part of him like the bastard sword was, this was a weapon, an item to be used as an extention of himself.

He breated slowly before opening his eyes. He brought the weapon back and then around in slow motions going through his own attack and defense movements. They were nowhere near the traditional kendo movements. These were much heavier when it came to bodily movements. When it came to the katana against the bastard sword there were several key differences that set them apart. Weilded by masters they were both equally good.

But a katana was forged in a way completely different from a bastard sword. That alone made them feel different. When compared both could cleave bone easilly but when you came down to it, there was a simple difference. Reliance.

The katana was a weapon that relied on speed and finesse more than it did on strength. A bastard Sword, relied on simple brute strength, something a master of the katana would never rely on alone. But a master with a bastard sword could still beat a master of the katana. He simply had to do as Adrian was doing now. Compensate. When it came down to a weapon lock, a bastard sword would probably win, but only due to the raw strength put behind it, and the weight of the weapon.

But compensation was the key. When you lost your sight you had to be able to adjust. Your remaining senses become much better to compensate for the loss of a key sense. That was what he was doing now. Speed won a battle, but grace was just as deadly. And by allowing himself to adjust to his own style, it made it easier for him to fight, regardless of the weight of his weapon.
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Kendo Club(Open)
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