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 Asakano Seiki

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PostSubject: Asakano Seiki   Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:39 pm


Character name : Asakano Seiki
» Alias/nickname: Seiki
» Gameplay mode: Advanced
» MSN messenger addy: kariya_sama@hotmail.com


» Sex: Male
» Sexual preference: Female
» Mood | temper: Social and friendly, but solitary at times
» Theme: Prayer - ACID
» Family life: Lives alone with his Mother after his Father's death
» Interests | hobbies: Motorbikes, training and martial arts
» Member rivals: None
» Clubs/organizations: Yakuza


Residential Location: East City, Saichuushigai

» Wins: o
» Losses: o
» Draws: o
» Kills: o


» Job 1: Crime (Present)
» Class: Middle
» Pay: $28oo

» Job 2: Worker (Past)
» Class: Middle
» Pay: 1,5oo shinny

» Pocket funds:
- $ooo

» Saving funds:
- $22,4oo
- 1,7oo shinny

» Housing: Small House (With Mother)
» Transportation: Sports bike (Insurance: $15o)
» Equipment: None


» Race: Human
» Type: Hitorinji
» Affinity: Physical Melee

EXP: 15,737
TEXP: 151

- School: 13.
- Illegal Operator: 19.
- Problem Solver: o.
- Extra: 5.
- Worker: 5.
PWC: 27,430 (Celebrity)

Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Attributes: Average

.:: Phase I - Seiki is a delinquent high school student who lives alone with his mother after the death of his father. When he was eight, his father lost his job and went into a slump of unemployment. Facing financial ruin, his father committed suicide so that his family could live off of the insurance money for the rest of their life. Some time since before his father's death and for as long as he could remember, his mother held a condition keeps her confined to the house and reduces the amount of activity and strain she is able to place on her body. Though Seiki is unaware of the reason or cause, it is believed it has something to do with the horrible scarring on the right side of her face that is hidden by a leather eye patch. Since she cannot work, Seiki often finds himself worrying about how long the money left behind by his father will last. On top of that, he has been able to notice that since he's joined high school, his mother seemed to become more and more lonely and depressed. Not on good terms with his father's side of the family and with no family on his mother's side, Seiki reaches out to his father's brother, his uncle, who he believed whom he's respected since younger years. His uncle agrees to smooth relations over with the family and create visits as well as offers Seiki an alternative method of earning money by working for him and his operations which are subtly hinted not to be 100% legal. Seiki works hard for his uncle's approval and to ease the stress of living on his mother.

.:: Phase II - The art of balancing school life into his life comes back into play with the start of his senior year. He joins a group of students whom he takes classes with in starting a small clique. Aside from his school life, he also holds his obligations to his uncle's errands and side jobs.

» // Artifact Activation
» // Ascended Mode

Quest Abilities
»// Spiritual Awareness
»// Flareniel Summon (Destructive area of effect fire spell.)

Custom Abilities
» // "Yabun Otokorashii No Zetsumei Satsugai!!"
(Sub: "Manly Night of Murderous Death!!")
*Note: Exclamations required in the techniques title, it cannot be used with a normal tone.
Description: A replication of the raging demon yet infused with much more GAR than thought humanly possibly. With the technique, the user takes hold of his opponent at which point CGI darkness covers the screen with several energy bursts resulting from multiple martial strikes ending with a bright illuminating column of energy that rises towards the heavens during a spectacular rising dragon uppercut. When Seiki lands, he strikes a very strong and distinguished pose with his back turned to two lower classmen high school students of the Martial Arts club who rush in and hold a poster with the kanji symbol for GAR across his back, before splitting and running out of sight.
Effect: Damage depends on roll

» // Exert
A showing off ability that allows the user to push out a momentum force equal to the user's strength in all directions around its body. It only does damage if surrounding debris is projected.
Effect: push back (+optional debris dmg) = strength, drain based on strength


» // Physical Melee
- MA Fighting (Perfected)
- Skilled Guard (Perfected)
- Fighter Endurance (Passive)
- Snatch (Honed)

» // Movement
- Cloudleap (Honed)
- Bulletime (Honed)
- Acrobatics (Mastered)
- Godspeed (Perfected)

» // Sensing
- Reactor (Mastered)
- Sixth Sense (Novice, Passive)
- Blind Sight (Trained, Passive)
- Speed of Syte (Novice, Passive)
- Omnivision (Trained, Passive)
- Kankau (Novice, Passive)

» // Weapon Melee
- Bushido (Novice)

» // Fyre
- Fyrestryke (Perfected)
- Heatblast (Trained)

» // Wynd
- Fource (Perfected)
- Hover (Novice)
- Wyndshield (Novice)

» // None

» // Sonic Blade (Novice)
» // Sword Arrow (Novice)


Sagas Participated In
» // Dark Chaos
» // Manifest Destiny
» // Anarchic Ruckus
» // Blast from the Past
» // Dark Tournament I & II
» // Heavenly Manifest I & II

Quests Completed
» // Spirit Awareness
» // The Tenguu Appears 1
» // Unlocking (Movement, Sensing)
» // Flareniel Quest
» // Deep Breaths Quest
» // Artifact Activation
» // Item Acquisition

Turf Infamy
» // 10 Turf Points (Onitoshi)


» // Speeddust (Auto bullet time for 5 minutes)
» // Life Saver (Doubles Stamina recharge per non-action posts.)
» // Goranova (+Bless)
» // Body Armor (Density: 5)
» // Demonbone Breastplate (Density: 10)
» // Sash of the Demon Cherub (Able to survive in the Spirit Realms)
» // Fighter's Gauntlets (Forearms)
» // Overdrive Token (Free Omega2 Roll once a month.)

» // None
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Asakano Seiki
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