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 Training in the woods(Technique)

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PostSubject: Training in the woods(Technique)   Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:24 pm

The bike's motor hummed lightly as it rumbled it's way through the woods. The drone of the engine was the only thing Adrian could hear, his hazel eyes glancing left, then right. He was searching through the woods once more, less encumbered than he was before. The bike was moving at a quick but safe pace. He wouldn't crash into a tree at this pace, not on accident anyway. His dark brown hair flailed lightly as he went, constantly looking for a particular spot.

He was out in the deep woods once more, searching for the last shrine he had done research on from his last trip out. He knew that if he could find that he could find the clearing he'd found the demon in. He had to have more proof. He had his tape recorder in his pocket, and could feel, in the back of his mind, the sword. It was as if it existed in a pocket of reality that only he had access to.

Coming to a stop he took the map out and a compass. He stared at it, looking over where it was he was headed. It was dark now, and he was just happy the bike's light was still working. He sighed, putting them away before shifting his weight on the bike turning it before he took off in another direction. He was just a bit too far to the west. He grinned when he saw the lovely pristine shrine and came to a stop near it. He put the kickstand down and set the bike up on itself before heading to the east.

He wandered, his eyes constantly shifting, never staying on one spot too long. He had to find that clearing. There were answers there he felt it instinctively. He made his way to the clearing, frowning as he looked around. It was empty. But he'd been so sure!

He glanced up the moon shining brightly down on that spot. Sighing he ran a hand through his hair gently, not sure what to do now. He had put his hopes into finding answers out here, even if they did come from demons. But here he could feel something. He looked around slowly, frowning when it came forward. He could see the dark shape in the shadows as it stepped closer to the moonlight but stayed at it's edge.

The red eyes, the shape of the pitch black body just beyond the light, even darker than the shadows. This was the demon he had seen the other night before he had been attacked. He could feel the evil eminating from it, but he was sure if it could kill him it would have attempted to do so the other night.

You have returned. Why? Did you not learn your lesson last time?

"I learned plenty about your kind. Demon's don't fight fair so I've decided that I can use that to my advantage. I have questions and you have the answers. Why is my sword so.. different than it was before?" he demanded.

You know the answer to that already. The Devil's Teardrop is a weapon of pure evil now. A weapon used to fight against our enemies, the holy ones. And it now houses the dark spirit that attacked you. That is why it is connected to you.

"I don't understand. How does a demon living in it connect it to me?" he asked.

It tried to possess you, but could not for some reason. Instead it granted you a demonic bond with your sword and amplified the spiritual connection between you and your weapon. This bond cannot be broken by any means. If you were disarmed, you could just will the weapon back to you and it would be ready to weild again.

"So I am never unarmed. That's not so bad. But I need help. I have to learn to be a much better fighter." he said, watching the shadowy figure. "Please help me. Do so... And my blade is yours."

You attacked a demon the day after you earned this power... And yet you now offer your blade to demon kind in exchange for training?

"I guess you could say I'm willing to sell my soul for power." he said, grinning darkly.

Fine. I will teach you. I will throw logs at you. I want you to cut them down. Cut them apart and don't you dare miss one.

Adrian stood there, willing the blade into his hand, watching the shadows. He watched, waiting for the first log and nearly paniced when it came at him from his left. Turning he brought his blade around, setting his feet and lowering his shoulders. The weapon came back over his shoulder before cleaving forward, cutting the log down the length. As it passed over his shoulder, barely missing his head, it fell to the ground in two pieces.

"That was cool..." he said, staring at it before he grunted a log hitting him in the back. \

He winced, and turned, catching sight of the other coming at him. His blade came around in a defensive arc, seemingly to pass right through the log's middle. He managed to move in time to avoid it hitting him. It hit the ground before falling in two.

Do that again. Don't let up on it.

He quickly dodged one, sliding out of the way as he let it come. As it passed he brought his sword up, cutting through the center of the log again, before he spun, his blade flashing through another one length wise. He stood there, panting lightly as he held his sword in both hands, before he let go, the blade vanishing into his pocket dimension. He kept his breathing slow and steady. He sighed letting himself relax before he turned back to the last two logs he'd cut through. They were solid, for a few seconds before they fell apart while he watched them.

This is the first technique you will learn from us. Take it and go, boy. We will continue to train you at our leasure. We will find you, you needn't seek us out.
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PostSubject: Re: Training in the woods(Technique)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:28 pm

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Training in the woods(Technique)
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