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 It Runs in the Family

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PostSubject: It Runs in the Family   Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:29 pm

It Runs in the Family
(flashback) He couldn't believe it! The young man sat with a mute look on his face, his right hand clicking a remote several times without stopping. "Over fifty channels ... and there's nothing on!" Lydeck spat out. Even thought fifty channels wasn't very much by most anyone's standards, it was all he had ever been used to; plus, you'd figure there'd be something on.

The day had gone by very uneventful since he had left school, and his extreme boredom stemmed from that. But by chance, the front door suddenly swung open. Slightly startled, Lydeck quickly spun around in paranoia, only to be greeted by his brother's smug face. "Oh, it's only you." He said. Nythyia continued through the doorway, with a smirk on his face. Glancing down to his side, Lydeck noticed that he had some sort of long metal case in his hand. "What's with the case?" Lydeck asked, pointing to the item in hand. Nythyia said nothing, and motioned for Ijin to follow him to the dining room table. He paused, and slammed the case on the table. It was as large as a person's body. It was every bit of 6 feet long, most likely between 6 and 7. "This!" He began, "Is one of the most amazing items you will ever see, Ijin!" He said excitedly. Lydeck only smirked. Figures, Nythyia had somehow obtained some great item from his work. "So what is it?"

Nythyia again said nothing, and only unlatched the case. As the case swung open, a shiny gleam began to peer through. Inside the case was in fact one of the most magnificent pieces of craftsmanship he had ever seen in his life. A large bastard sword sat within the case, surrounded by protective lining. It had a dark, beautiful gunmetal blade that had a glorious reflection. The sword ran almost the length of the case, and the blade's quality was matched by the hilt. The was a dark red, almost blood like, hilt that secured the blade. It was made from obvious superior craftsmanship. The entire sword was some of the best work he had ever seen, even in most fantasy movies and books. "Where in the hell did you get this thing ... " Lydeck began. Nythyia began to walk around the blade, running his hand down it as if he was petting a trophy or pet. " Let's just say I have my sources." He said with a wide grin. "It must have cost a fortune." The amazed young man inquired, referring to it's high quality. "Like I said." Nythyia began, "I have my sources.". And with that, Nythyia shut the case.

(present day) He hadn't taken it with him. Of course it wasn't practical to take something like that with him on his assignments, but it probably would have protected him. The case had been hidden away ever since Nythyia was killed, almost forgotten. Ever since he had encounter Nythyia, however, had had began to "feel" it whenever he was in the house - almost as if it was giving off some sort of energy. He had retrieved the case, and now it sat in front of him. He was actually fairly hesitant to open it. Ever since he had been given the gift (or rather curse) to be attuned and notice the spirits around him, many things just didn't seem right - including this sword. He slowly opened the case, and was once again greeted by it's amazing craftsmanship. It had almost an eerily new aura about it. Nothing had changed since he had last looked it, not even a little dust.

He slowly crept his hand up the side of the case, until he grabbed the bastard sword at it's hilt. It was strangely comfortable, and it felt as if there was some sort of cushion around his hand that drew his hand to the blade. Even more surprising was the weight - or lack there of. He pulled the blade out of the box with relative ease. How light it was was a definite surprise, since it was nearly as large as Lydeck himself. The blade felt so 'right' in his hand. Lydeck looked back down into the case, and a rather exquisite looking title card was left in the bottom. It read: 'The Devil's Teardrop'. "Appropriate name ..." Lydeck said, rubbing the hilt of the blade. As in awe as he was of it, he was curious as to the power of it - after all, it was very light. Tightening his grip, Lydeck brought up his left hand, now clutching it with both his hands. Pulling down the blade with excessive force, he targetted the table in which the case sat on. The blade cut through the wooden table as if it was a hot knife going through butter. The table didn't even splinter. The incission ran the entire length of the table, and was over two-inches wide (the girth of the blade). The table fell in in two solid pieces. Amazing. Lydeck sat there, staring at what had happend ... it had cut through it with other-worldy precision. He held the blade out, and stared at it. This would be very useful - a legacy from his brother.
Wordcount: 873 // 750

Gains: 873 EXP // The Devil's Teardrop
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PostSubject: Re: It Runs in the Family   Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:22 am

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It Runs in the Family
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