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PostSubject: Kenji   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:31 pm

Kingdom Alignment: T'som
Current Location: Ft. Sagawa
Class: Wevit (Ultriyn)

Heritage: Tsurugi(son of drake Tsurugi)
Motivating Factor: Defeating Jiseki

Title(s): Dragon Slayer, Veteran (Saga title), Soldier, Contender (Saga),
Captain, Champion
Job Title: Militant
Money: 1,900 gs
Starting Gear Type: Basic Sword
[Theme Songs]

General/Epicness- Come Clarity

Fight- Bleed it Out
Wounded/Fighting- Had Enough
Trans (Stage1)- Before I Forget
Trans (Stage2)- Unknown Soldier
Trans(Stage3)- Duality
Death/Dying- Rain

Level: 18
EXP: 60,780
Bin: 84
Rank: A (Advanced)
Attribute Capacity:


DefenseAverage4 (+2)
Magic DefenseWeak0

Wins : 1
Losses : 1
Draws : 1
- A Test of Strength
- Reclamation
- Tsurugi Tournament
- There Will Be Blood
- A Warrior's Requiem
- Dark Eclipse
- Destruction and Creation
- RedDragon SIC
- Preemptive Strike

- ??
- ??

- Militant 25 (6 S, 19 P)
- Weapon Transformation
- Land Defender
- Town Hero
- Breaking Limits
- Mystic Aura
- Personal Trainer x4
- Essence of the Feranbirt
- Good Deed x3
- Advisor x3
- Transunlock x2
- Ultriyn Ascension
- Weapon Transformation
- Sword of Blood
- Angels of Darkness
- Offensive Induction
- Mystic Mount

[Class Techniques]
- Weapon (Slash [C], Thrust [C], Bash [C], Dual Wield , Project, Bushido, Light Swipes [C], Spirit Blade [B], Battou Jutsu [B], Dual Battou [B], Passing Slash [B], Crescent Moon [B])
- Stat Effect/Boosting (Adrenaline Rush [C], Turtle Up [C], Eye Adaptation [B], Resurrect [B], Thunderrun [B])
- Defensive (Weight Shift [C], Strength Exert [B], Guard [C], Block [C], Arcane Sensing [C], Parry [B], Swift Evasion [B])
- Pessiah (Callout [C], Swift Running, Flight, Elemental Strike [C], Physical Bash [C], Omega Bash [B], Powered Second Form [B], Elemental Blast [B], Double Attack [B])

[b][Quest Techniques]
- Auto Charge
- Mystic Aura
- Phoenix Rush
- Atmospheric Exert
- Weapon Bond

Shining Glory
Noble pixie fairies manifest and cover all allies who are connected by the Warrior of Might quest giving them unlimited stamina while removing status effects and offering a small amount of healing for ten turns of action.
Type: Special Summon
[Limit Break]
[Lightning Slash]
After taking massive amounts of damage, Kenji performs a lightning fast horizontal slash while passing by an enemy.
[ C-Rank Limit ]

[Dragon Blade]
Kenji stands facing his opponent(s) with his Katana drawn, he then raises it to the sky as a red light envelops the blade and a loud ethereal roar can be heard, seeming as though it's coming from all directions at once. Suddenly a fiery red ethereal oriental dragon shooots skyward from the blade coiling itself high in the air, Kenji then swings his blade towards his intended target in a sonic blade sort of form, and the dragon follows behind it, crashing into his enemy.
[B-Rank Limit]

[Psychotic Pulse]
Kenji had suffered severe psychological damage at the hands of the Sabrian Psy-mage's. The fact that they were continuously inside Kenji's mind tormenting him and twisting his perceptions, left him with a strange ability. While under extreme distress, Kenji let's out a destructive shockwave radius around him that mimics psycho-kinetic energy.
[A-Rank Limit]

[Warrior's Ascension]- Kenji's eyes shift from their usual amber, to a bright golden color, almost appearing to glow, His muscles do not change in mass but the definition is much greater, other than that there are no real differences in appearance.
In the second stage of his transformation Kenji's eye color shifts from it's previous state, so that the whites of his eyes become jet black and his irises turn blood red, and a red aura appears about his body.
Effects: Strength and Swiftness
MAX Stage - 3
T-EXP - 192

Mastery Slot Completion: 2 [0/10]
Samurai: Laidostrike (C), Sonic Blade (B), Sonic Flurry (A), Ground Striking Barrage (B)

Champion [36,323]
Warlord [1,672]
Noble [1,000]
[Weapons & Armor]
[ Head - ?? ]
[ Back - Dragon Wings (Eater -Energius)
[ Arms/Hands - Shock Bracers ]
[ Legs/Feet - Armored Boots ]
[ Armor - Yokai Kimono (B)]
[ Cloak - ]

[ Phoenix Serum x2 ]
[ Tiger Medallion (no effect) ]
[ Broken Shock Collar Momento ]
[ Elixir ]
[ Potion x2 ]
[ Elixir of Det'Naw ]
[ Mystic Mount: Keiga (Red Dragon) ]
[ 12 soldiers trained in stealth, weapon, and trapping]

N A M E : Reija
T Y P E : Feline (siberian white tiger)
E L E M E N T : Wind
S T R E N G T H : Strength, Charge, Swiftness
G E N D E R : Male

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