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 Jace Beleren

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PostSubject: Jace Beleren   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:33 pm

Age: 25
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185

Alignment: neutral
Motivating Factor: Power
Role model: None

Character Theme Music:
General: Timeless by In Flames
Fighting: Jester's Dance by In Flames

Kingdom Alignment: Neutral
Current Location: Belcia
Class: Kinos

Title(s): Scientist, Proph
Job Title: Economist
Money: 62,200 gs
Starting Gear Type: Cloak

Level: 7
EXP: 15,154
Bin: 3,600
Rank: B (Intermediate)
Attribute Capacity:


Magic DefenseWeak0+
Site Events Participated In:
- Reclamation
- There Will Be Blood
- A Warrior's Requiem
- Dark Eclipse

- Preemptive Strike

Tasks/Campaigns Completed:
- Town Hero
- Heart of Darkness
- Golem Creation x2
- Good Deed
- Tome of Illusion

Class Techniques:

3(earth)-C- Sandy eyes, Slowaga, Ground Bind, Sand bullets, Sand Armor, Earthwall
3(nether)-C- Soul Ball, Summon
2-C- Punch
Mastery Training Techniques:

Silver MageB) Warp, Teleportation
Dark MageB) Magic Blodia Punch, Pheonix Blast, Orbsphere
Mastery Slot Completion: 2 [0/10]

Custom Intro- As Jace is about to appear, everything seems a bit shaky and unnerving as if some sort of spatial distortion is happening, a mysterious mist surrounds the area and when it clears Jace is standing nearby.

Limit Break [info: Here]:
None (see limit break page, then submit to the Manager)
- Equipped: [ Opaque Orbs ]
- Equipped: Head: [ None ]
Shoulders: [ None ]
Body: [ Cloak ]
Hands: [ None ]
Feet: [ None ]
- Storage: [ Heart of Darkness, Phoenix Serum x2, Potion x2, Elixir ]

- Property: Small Laboratory
Life Path

Path NameWordcount
Path of Science (Golems)
Path of Science (Leviathan)
Path of Science Inventions
- Powering Device-

General Purpose Magic Amplifier
A refined necronium that increases the output of a magically based item.
Type: Ore

- Golem -

This class of golem utilizes a basic necronium amplifier which doesn't hold a demon, it holds a regular nether spirit, not necessarily malicious in intent, with weak attributes and is designed to be a toy or novelty of the rich, used for menial labor with possible variations depending on the particular needs of the customer.
Creation Cost: 1,700 gs
Price: negotiable.

A class of golem utilizing a more advanced amplifier and more powerful nether spirit. These Golems are heavily focused on defense with a thick layer of armor, and many make use of Kyrotoshi's new cannon technology in their designs. Not the fastest Golem on the block but they hit hard, optimal for those looking to guard something of great importance, or fr those looking for a dependable bodyguard.
A Ranked - Mystic: Def, MDef; Strong: Str, Mag; Average: Swift, Chg; Weak: Spd
B Ranked - Strong: Def, MDef; Average: Str, Mag, Chg; Weak: Spd, Swift
Creation Cost: 6,000 gs (B rank), 12,000 gs (A rank)
Price: negotiable

The ultimate warrior, it doesn't feel pain and will do exactly as commanded with no opposition until destroyed or rendered useless. This golem is much smaller than the juggernaut and much more mobile while retaining a decent attack rating. Can only be bought in platoons of 20 or more and they can have basic combat abilities as well as a nether blasting technique (see path additions page).
Jace's cost: 80,000 gs
Customer Price: Starts at 120,000
Stats: Average; Attacks: B

- Specialty Quest -

Golem Creation- A quest where Jace and his staff create either a small platoon(20) of "soldier" grade golems, or up to 5 "special order" golems.
Prerequisite: Path of Science (Golem Creation) (the money to construct said golems)
WC Requirement: 1,000 words (or more if you see fit)
rewards: 5 "special order" golems, or 20 "soldier" golems.

OOC / Matchmaking
- msn messenger address:
- contact to RP: any time
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Jace Beleren
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