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 Learning of Spiritual Arts.

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PostSubject: Learning of Spiritual Arts.   Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:54 pm

Adrian pushed the door of his apartment open, frowning as he stuffed the keys back into his pocket. He kicked the door shut with his heel as he went, yawning before he unbuttoned the jacket slowly. He smiled, draping it on a coat rack by his front door. His apartment was very westernized. He wandered to the journals he'd brought back with him from his grandmother's storage garage. Sighing gently he tossed them on his desk. He set about his kitchen making his dinner, before he went to the desk. He set the plate down and opened a can of beer. He opened it, frowning as he began scanning the pages of his grandmother's medium journals.

Sighing he took a swig from the open can, downing the contents slowly. Had he wanted to get smashed he would have just done it. However, at t his moment he wanted to remember everything that happened. He was trying to relax. His dark eyes scanned the pages, practically hearing his grandmother's voice in the back of his head, speaking the words written on these pages.

In the realm of spirits there are various creatures that are capable of taking over the human form. The most common form of spirit are known among mediums as Yokai. These are the usual spirits humans think of when they hear that very word. But what amazes most people new to the spirit realm, the Yokai can transform into more powerful spirits known as Kamikonjou and Onikonjou. These are broad catagories, however, many spirits falling into them.

The differences are that, as the names indicate, Kamikonjou are the "good" spirits and the Onikonjou are "evil". What is amazing is that humans are capable of mastering the magickal arts of both the Kamikonjou and Onikonjou. However these humans are, more commonly than not, possessed.

The exception to this are those that have mastered an artifact. At this time they are very rare, and there is no recorded name, but perhaps in my travels I will find one. The elders in the Western woods have yet to identify them to me for one reason or another. But I myself have found that I am one.

While the possessed humans are capable of using very powerful magicks they must make a choice. Just as nobody can be a master of good and evil, nobody can master both Spiritual and Demonic magick. I myself chose the spiritual arts. They are more supportive of my abilities. Demonic magic has it's share of powerful techniques but when it comes down to it when holy and unholy forces clash, the holy side will always do the most damage. Fire cannot burn water, Water cannot eliminate lightning, and lightning cannot be swayed by the wind.

Adrian stood there, staring at the notes, frowning as he turned the page. He took out a pad and pen, his hand moving quickly as he jotted down a copy of the notes, writing everything just like his grandmother, making a copy. If worst came to worst he could burn the journals and keep the copies. At least then they couldn't be used against him. Though he could just as well be falling into the trap.

Among the spells of the Spiritual Arts are attacks, binding spells, and defensive abilities designed to protect the user from various things. These spells, while draining in nature, must be used properly. If used correctly with a well balanced style of physical attack. If properly balanced even the most powerful of demons will be hard pressed to slay the medium utilizing these well balanced powers.

Adrian stood there, staring at it before he looked at the technique that was lightly described. He closed the book and took a bite of his sandwich before finishing his beer. Tossing the can in the waste basket he opened another one, smiling lightly as he began imagining the powers described in the books that his grandmother had left him. She was a wise person, and had proven it. She had foreseen his need of these notes, and had even detailed some of the chants.

"Shield of heaven, blade of light, protect me from this evil's might." he muttered, looking at a spell chant that had been listed.

It was something he wasn't expeting as he sat there, glancing around to see if it had had any effect. He certainly didn't feel any different. In fact he just felt hungry. He'd have to wait and see later. He would be more than capable of defending himself in the woods when it came down to his training if he had some magick to protect him.

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Learning of Spiritual Arts.
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