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PostSubject: Spellcraft   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:18 am

Adrian stood on the roof of his apartment building in the academic district of the city. His eyes narrowed as he stood there, his trainer waiting. It was time he brought forth his shield. He had to get it right this time if he wanted to survive. He breathed slowly as the beast in front of him began chanting a spell.

"The lakes of Saramonda, the fires that engulf and destroy. The breath of Ifirito, the raging giant! Almighty mana, send flames of destruction!" the demon chanted, weaving her hands the entire time.

Adrian closed his eyes, as he set his jaw. He felt it swirling about him, but then it was gone. It was there, yet at the same time it was not. It was the ever present power often referred to in mythology as 'Mana'. It was the power of magick. He breathed slowly as he waited, for it to fill him. But nothing came. The spell!

"Seven bright stars in the sky I see, seven for those that watch over me. Shine forth and protect me!" he muttered, grinning darkly as he felt the magic flooding his body, and swirling around him.

The fireball smashed against his shield, both spells erupting as they gave way to one another. Adrian, grunted, falling to one knee, panting gently as he smirked. He had manifested the first spell. That was something, at least. He finally had a defense. If he came across that last demon he wouldn't be hurt nearly as bad as he had been before. That demon would fall to his power.

"Very good Adrian. You have mastered a power that can defend you against an attack of some magnitude. You will find that the defensive powers of Magick can quite literally make someone invincible. Now you need only to eliminate your enemies. Are you ready? You can now be sent on much more dangerous missions. But before you go I would hone the power of your shield. The better you are with it, the more likely you are to draw upon it for longer periods of time." the demoness said, smirking darkly at him before she folded her arms over her chest.

"Thanks. But I don't need a lecture. I know how to make things like this work. I feel it now. It's strange. Without magick it feels like normal. But now I can feel everything around me. Life, and death. Everything that flows in the world around me." he said, smiling as he breathed slowly.

"Good. Then you know how it feels to cast spells. You have to make it your own. Combine it with your sword, and you'll be our perfect assassin." she said, grinning darkly.

Adrian didn't say anything else, he had other things he had to take care of. He could do as they commanded just long enough to master his sword, and THEN he could move on. He had to be a lot more careful if he wanted them to believe he was still on his side.

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PostSubject: Re: Spellcraft   Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:25 am

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