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 The third Sacrifice

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PostSubject: The third Sacrifice   Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:06 pm

It had taken him time. Time to scout the area. Time to gather the information he required to pick his next target. The demon had given him the requirement that it be a willing subject. His target was a dark haired boy devil woshiper. He was what most people might think of a stereotypical goth. He was emotionally closed off, someone that worshiped "dark powers". He had agreed upon seeing the Devil's Teardrop. He wanted to die, his life not one he enjoyed. He had been picked on just for being different.

Adrian had understood him. Had even gotten along with him durring the short time they'd spoken. He made his way to the alley they'd agreed on. He kept his sword hidden withing the special pocket dimension it was hidden within. He grinned, his body moving with slow ease. He had no idea it was a trap. The boy did intend to die, but what Adrian didn't know was his father was a cop.

The boy stood there, waiting patiently, smiling when Adrian showed up. But Adrian's pace came to a stop as he glanced left and then right. He shrugged, seeing a cat run off, before he moved closer to the boy.

"You're sure you're ready? You're willing to die?" he asked.

"Yeah. Nobody cares about me! I'd rather die than deal with this bullshit. My dad says it'll get better. But it wont!" the target said

"How old are you?" he asked, suddenly having second thoughts.


That would explain everything. Adrian sighed and nodded before he patted the boy's shoulder. He would make it quick and painless. At least he would if he hadn't heard the click of a gun. He put his hands up slowly as he frowned.

"Freeze. Get away from him Ken." came the officer's voice.

"No! Go away dad! I don't want to live and he's going to help me!" the boy demanded.

"Ken, I said no! Now get the HELL over here!" the cop demanded.

Adrian mumbled to himself as he turned to face the cop, frowning as he quirked an eyebrow. He watched the cop approach and grinned when he glanced away to the boy. Adrian just shook his head lightly, sighing.

"You can see I'm not armed. And I'm not close enough to hurt the boy. Shouldn't you be putting the gun away?" he asked.

"You think I'm stupid? You came here to kill him! I found his note."

"I came to release the boy from his pain. No killing. I was a lot like him growing up. Being picked on, and suffering because I didn't fit in. So who better than someone like him, that survived it all to help him through it?"

"What?! You said you'd help me!" the boy demanded

"I will. But not the way you seem to think I will. Death is a permanent release to pain that is temporary." he said, smiling lightly.

"Then why meet him here? Why not come to me?!" the cop asked, slowly lowering the gun.

Adrian nodded and shrugged, lowering his hands. "At his age I never would have listened to someone if I knew they were telling me things that my parents told them to say. I asked to speak with him in private, and he chose here. I came here, at the appointed hour, to help him. Believe me, I'm on your side. But the boy feels isolated. By showing him there are others just like him, there's nothing to worry about."

The cop relaxed, and Adrian smiled, as he nodded lightly. He smiled, shaking his head as he looked down at the boy and winked, before he stepped forward. He willed the sword forward, his blade swinging quickly. He saw the splash of blood, grinning as he took the cop's gunhand off. Following through the turn he kicked out, his foot slamming into the man's chest.

The cop hit the ground screaming, grabbing at the stump where his hand used to be. He stepped over, smirking darkly, feeling the blood lust flooding him. He licked his lips as he brought his sword up and then drove it down into the cop's eye as he stepped down on his throat.

Turning he withdrew his blade, smirking as he moved to the boy.

"If you're ready to die, it's time. Everything I said was to make sure he wouldn't stop me. Your life will only get harder and harder from here. Can you fight through it?" he asked.

As the boy stared at his father's corpse he trembled, backing away. He nodded weakly as he felt the emotions in him well up. Adrian stepped forward, thrusting his sword through his throat. As with the other victems he drew the two circles and the words around the boy in the victem's blood.

"Vitas mortes caredo.." he muttered before walking away.

He was slightly bloodied, but his jacket could be cleaned. He didn't care. His soul seemed less heavy now. Regardless. But he also knew any other sacrifices would be much harder. With one of their own dead the police would be on alert. Along with any that could decypher the message. Words taught to him by the demons. Vitas mortes caredo or, loosely translated, "Death cannot stop me."

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PostSubject: Re: The third Sacrifice   Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:52 pm

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The third Sacrifice
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