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 Rooftop Training

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PostSubject: Rooftop Training   Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:53 pm

Adrian sighed as he stood there on the rooftop of his apartment building, watching the demon trainer that had come to him. It was time to continue his training, though he wanted to go out and drink again. He wanted to go see Trinity, but he had to wonder what would happen if they were attacked. Would he be able to defend her? Would he be able to subdue his opponent? Would he be able to do it without killing them? He knew he could probably do it. But it would depend on what he thought of. If he got out of here early enough he'd go hit the bar she worked at, and see if the babe was there.

"Now. Adrian with this we will take the next step in your training. Are you sure you're ready to tale the step?" the demon asked, grinning as if he already knew the answer.

Drawing the Devil's Teardrop from it's pocket dimension Adrian frowned, staring at the demon in front of him. He sighed lightly, knowing this demon wasn't going to go as easy on him as he had hoped. The two of them stared one another down, waiting for the other to make a move. Adrian blinked first. His body stepped forward, quickly moving to attack the demon.

His sword came around quickly in a wide arc, before coming down to slash the demon from shoulder to hip. But his blade was deflected, caught by the demon's. His sword went down with the demon's, his eyes widening when the demon backhanded him, forcing him back.

The demon watched Adrian stumble with some amusement before he stepped forward into the swordsman's next attack. The demon caught the blade with his own again and swept his foot out around, knocking Adrian on the ground. Downed, he brought his blade down toward Adrian's throat.

Adrian rolled away, coming up in a crouch, smirking darkly as his sword's blade swung out, at the demon's exposed gut. Adrian watched the demon back off before they once again began staring one another down. Adrian felt much stronger, much more confident. The two of them shot forward, Adrian's strikes parrying the demon's. Blow for blow, the two matched one another, neither letting the other past their defenses, unwilling to let the other be victorious.

As the fight wore on Adrian grew tired, as the demon did, but at a slower pace than a normal human would have. The demon still had him beat when it came to endurance. As his strength gave out he felt the Devil's teardrop fly from his hands before he dropped to the ground, summoning it back. He came back up, under his opponent's blade, and brought the sword out, literally stopping short of the demon's head.

"Very good, my student. Very good. Now, you have mastered your sword. So what will you do with your weapon now?" the demon asked, grinning as he watched the human.

"That is my prerogative. This is my sword, my weapon. And I will do as I please with it, regardless of what that may be. But I do believe you already have use of my skill." he said, frowning as he stood there, not sure what else he could say.

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PostSubject: Re: Rooftop Training   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:34 am

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Rooftop Training
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