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 The New Calling (Entrance to the Demon Realm)

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PostSubject: The New Calling (Entrance to the Demon Realm)   Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:47 am

Leaving from the abode of the coven or whatever the hell they are in the tucked away alcove, I try to figure out where exactly I am so I can get back to East City. Looking left then right, I notice that I'm getting no cell phone reception and I really am curious about where the hell my car is as well. Damnit! What the hell was all that mumbo jumbo about I was chosen by The Goddess and there are dark demons who wish to harm humanity? Has she not seen humanity?! People hurt, maim, and kill other people for nothing all the time. No matter, I start walking trying to find my way out of this forest.

After walking for about 15 minutes, I notice that I still don't know where the hell I'm at. I decide to test this whole "Seer" thing. Closing my eyes, I focus on the thought of where I need to go. Focusing for a while, I feel a pull to my right but then it shifts to my left. My body keep turning to face the different directions until I face a sort of northeast direction and I start walking. So I guess it does work a bit. Not too bad. Off to the left, I notice a group of lesser demons that the beautiful stranger referred to as "yokai" and they are just milling about not bothering anyone or anything. My look on this is as long as they aren't bothering me, we're good. If for no other reason than the fact that I'd like not to get pulled into a fight.

The further I walk, the more frequently I see demons moving around. Suddenly, I stop as I feel a strong tug leading me forward. No more than 300 yards later is when I come upon a gathering a darker scaled yokai and they are all working on some sort of construct. Oh it's a bridge. They must be trying to reach the other side of that... lake? I didn't know there was a lake out here. More importantly, what is that glowing opening? Why is it so dark on the inside? I feel a surge of dark energy coming from the doorway, so common sense tells me that if some of the yokai are chanting and doing some sort of ritual, I probably don't want them finishing with that bridge. I wait until at least six of them get onto the bridge and are working to lay the next segment down before I wink and the bridge is engulfed in flames. The "shore" is also set on fire, showcasing the really annoying part about now having these damn powers... I can't control them! The remaining yokai just keep working like nothing is going on and two of the yokai on the bridge are knocked into the water to help them against the fire. I figure the symbol carved into the ground should be cleaned up as well, so several large branches are moved to try and scribble over the symbol, but instead, I dig a hole to mess it up. This really isn't working too well. I need to be careful with the fire thoughts while we're in the forest, but I'm pretty sure, it would be very bad news if I burned down part of the forest on accident.

Moving through more of the brush, the yokai turn towards my position and they follow me as I continue to move. They grab sticks to be used as clubs. Another large branch is utilized to impale the nearest lesser demon. Seven left. So large items are harder to move, but far harder for miss with as well. That's a potentially hefty opportunity cost. That is close enough. I keep moving away from them as two more are hit with ferocious fireballs. The damn doorway is still growing and I'm not sure why. I close my eyes and my left eye twitches. Glancing subtly up to my left, I notice that there is a yokai hiding in a tree facing the doorway and they seem to be chanting. Looking at the yokai chanter, it clutches at its throat, which throws it off balance and it leans forward. With too much body weight going forward, the yokai chanter falls out of the tree. A very large branch is jammed into the ground as it falls and a squishy sound is heard immediately before the branch splinters. The doorway starts shrinking so I focus all my thoughts on moving the relatively small yokai into the air and throwing them into the portal. All five of them are pushed forcefully by this new power of mine. I feel a drain on my body though my mind is racing at this point as it considers and calculates the probability of different tactics. Once I don't feel as drained anymore. Two of them are hanging on trying not to get vacuumed into the portal to what has to be some demonic realm.

The first of the two notices that his hands are glowing and I shrug. Flames burst from the first yokai's hand just as I had envisioned and my eyes widen from amazement. "Whoa! I did that!" After witnessing that, the last yokai tries to flee but the portal closes on him... literally. The yokai is sliced in half and I just stand there in mild disgust, but stronger amazement. The strong pulling feeling fades away with the portal and the lake actually looks really nice without that dark and sinister "gateway to hell" hovering over it. I sit down amongst the mild wreckage and at this point I must ask myself if I believe what is going on or that in fact there are groups of these demons that would harm the human race as well as the "light spirits". I may not like my family much, but I don't want them hurt by apparitions that they can't even see themselves. Perhaps, she is right and there is something that I can do to help those who protect us. While I do love real estate, I think this Goddess may have a higher purpose for me. Perhaps, I should help fund and equip these "anti-dark demon factions" who want to keep the evil spirits in their demonic realm where they belong and not able to prey on the powerless here in our realm. Nodding to myself, I affirm that the path is set for me now. I shall begin with consulting and strategic planning first while I can develop the necessary connections and that's when I'll be able to start handling larger operations. I'll leave the fighting to the soldiers as I'm not a big fan of this, but I can help them manage the financial and business side of their operations. I suppose I should take my leave of this place before their friends arrive.

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Entrance to the Demon Realm Complete
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PostSubject: Re: The New Calling (Entrance to the Demon Realm)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:32 am

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The New Calling (Entrance to the Demon Realm)
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