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 Spiritual Training

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PostSubject: Spiritual Training   Spiritual Training EmptyWed Apr 01, 2009 9:27 pm

The rumble of the engine echoed lightly in the distance as he drove through the woods to the ruins. He'd found a map in one of the diaries his grandmother had left him, and decided it wouldn't hurt to see what was out there. As he came within sight of them he came to a stop. He turned the engine off and used his foot to flick the kick stand into place before leaning the bike over, balancing it with the expert ease he was used to. Climbing off he unstrapped the visored helmet before slipping it off. He put it on the seat of the sports bike before he began making his way into the ruins.

"So this is where you came from? No way. Grandma was old, but not nearly old enough to be from here. I guess this has to do with her training. Never hurts. Take it one step at a time, Adrian, and you'll never fail in your quest for power." he muttered.

Sighing he took his long coat off before draping it over a fallen column. He stretched lightly before kneeling, his eyes closing as he sighed gently. He had a way to go, to get his body and mind under control. No matter how he tried he couldn't get his mind off of the missions the demons had been sending him on. Slaying a priest, an innocent, and a willing subject. But no matter what he told himself the weight on his heart was too heavy. But what had struck him as worse was the most recent target, the willing boy and his father, he had watched the whole ordeal as if he were outside his body. As if someone, or something, else were using him to do it. But his mind went back to the demon that the girl in the park had summoned. It had said words that had haunted his dreams ever since.

Human. The next time we meet, may you be worthy to fight me. I can see now, you will seek power. In that quest, darkness will consume you. Do you want to destroy demons, or become one?

These words had haunted him since hearing them. He had indeed sought power, and while he intended to destroy demons, he was indeed falling more and more to their sway. Pushing that thought from his head, Adrian breathed in slowly, before holding it. He waited for a moment before exhaling. He had to relax, and focusing on what had happened before was indeed a distraction.

There has to be a way to beat that technique... I have to be able to escape from his hold. The knowledge must be here somewhere... Someone please guide me... Help me from this path of self destruction. Show me a way to repent for my past transgressions.

Darkness, the world of demons, was not easily traversed. There were few that could walk upon the narrow path of it's power, and not slip to it's grasp. Constantly vigilant, the strongest of spiritualists would choose either one or the other path. But Adrian had to walk both paths. He had no idea what he was going to do. He had heard stories, of beings that could fight as demons. He intended to be just that. A man that fought like a demon, with the counter to that being his spiritual spells.

"World of darkness get the hense. Only good can recompense, for the misdeeds that you have done, boy." came a voice from the ruins.

Adrian stood, unconsciously willing the Devil's Teardrop to his hand as he rose. His head turned quickly, the blade coming up defensively as he looked for where the voice had come from. This had not been something he was expecting at all, let alone the fact that someone else was here.

"Darkness draws to you like a beacon, boy. You show prowess with a cursed blade. But you have no chance when it comes to the devil's magic. There is nothing you can do, now leave." the voice called again.

It came from all around him. It was under him, behind him, in front of him, and above him all at once. He breathed slowly as he waited, his eyes wide as terror began to fill him. He had always been paranoid when it came to the spirit world and easilly spooked. But he was sure there was someone here.

"I have a cursed blade, yes! But I am seeking to control it rather than be controled by it! Surely you can show me how to do that!" he demanded.

"Only YOU can overwhelm that blade. But you haven't come here seeking forgiveness! You have come seeking power! And we do not cater to those people!" the voice called again.

"The power I have sought is absolute! Enlightenment! Nothing more than a teacher to help me! I have already begun down the path of both devil and saint! But neither can defeat the other! Not indefinately!"

"And you think you're capable of doing that?! How can good not triumph over evil?!"

"THAT SHOULD BE MY QUESTION! For evil to win all it takes is good men to do nothing! You're right, I do seek power. But at least I can admit that! Those that seek power are often consumed by it! But the power I seek is balance!"

As he stood there, he waited for a response. But none came. Either whoever was there had grown tired and left, or was shocked into silence. He wasn't sure which, nor did he really care.

"So be it. You that seek power, that seek enlightement, we will teach you to see through the illusions of your enemies! You'll see the truth for what it is, and you will no longer be subject to such spells. Repeat after me, 'Sword of light, word of truth, you cannot hide from my eyes." the voice called

"Sword of light, word of truth, cannot hide from my eyes." he muttered.

He felt the world spin as the mana flooded him, and expelled itself. He saw them, clear as day. Five people standing around him, each watching him carefully. They were hiding around him!

"Good. You can see us. Now, you're going to leave. We don't want you here, boy." one said.

"I don't claim to belong here. But I wont turn and run. My grandmother trained here. I want to make her proud, and the only way I can do that is if I take up the mantle she left behind! I will train to be a demon hunter!" Adrian responded.

"The spell is working. For now you are capable of seeing us. So tell us why you want so badly to do it." the first one said, frowning at him.

"I already told you. My grandmother was a demon hunter! She taught me tons about them. Yes I learn to fight from demons. But I wont let them have my soul. And I want to help the people of the city. Please, I'm begging you. I must have the power to stop them!"

"So be it. You may stay, so long as you prove yourself true. You will be allowed to stay as long as you want. But should you prove yourself to be untrue of your word, or that you have fallen to the darkness staining your soul, you will not be allowed to leave." came the response from the only woman present.

Adrian grit his teeth, not very happy about the thought of being a prisoner at least until the woman spoke again.

"However, neither can we allow you to leave." she said.

Adrian's face paled at the thought of the only option left. He was going to die if he wasn't careful. He would have to force himself into balance. But at least he had at least learned a technique he might be able to use. He just had to master it now.

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PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training   Spiritual Training EmptyWed Apr 01, 2009 11:18 pm

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Spiritual Training
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