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 Setting Altercations

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Setting Altercations Empty
PostSubject: Setting Altercations   Setting Altercations EmptySat Apr 11, 2009 7:11 pm

This thread helps keep up with the status of the site and the state of the City. Post here when something large happens in your role play that might affect others. This may increase a character's infamy greatly depending on the situation. Examples of posts on here would be like:

Character: ShinTre
Action: Tossed down a meteor in the middle of the area.
Effect to be approved: Several houses probably caught on fire, etc b/c I'm uber powerful.

only don't do it in a dumb way. Keep it 100 yo. This help other members know what's going on in a certain area. I'll post on here when whatever's been messed up is cleaned up. If manager intervention is needed b/c of a certain action that affects others, i'll jump in and we'll go from here.
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Setting Altercations
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