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 Jikaru Shigen

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PostSubject: Jikaru Shigen   Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:29 pm

( Bounty Poster )
Name: Jikaru Shigen
Alias: Dark Knight
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Weight: 190
Build: 98% Muscle
( Psychological Report )
Alignment: Twisted Evil
Motivation: Hatred; freedom; rational; victory; a better death
Role Model: God
Theme: Epic War
( Identity )
Citizenship: Pirate
Last Seen: Pirate's Cove
Heritage: N/A
Titles: Magistrate (Al'Yak|Pirate's Cove), Soldier, Lieutenant, General, Rogue Leader, Commander, Warlord, Crew Captain, First Mate, Pirate Lord, Slayer of Beasts, Mass Murderer
Infamy: National, Very Well Known
Occupation: Militant
Finance: 649,500 gs
( Appearances )
- Tsurugi Tournament
- There Will be Blood
- A Warrior's Requiem
- Dark Eclipse
- Destruction and Creation

( Record )
Wins: 0 Losses: 1 Draws: 0
( Danger Level )
Class: Wevit
Natural Bonus: STR/DEF/SPD
Starting Gear Type: Wooden Rapier (Bonus: STR)
Level: 19
. Rank: A (Advanced/Ultriyn)
. Experience: 67,707
. Bin Experience: 685/10,283
Bin Points: 2
Attribute Capacity Wk Avr Str Mys Unn Points
• • • ++ 15
• • • + 12
• 0
Magic Defense:
• • • 11
• 0
• • • • 18
• 0
Use this dot for Unnatural ranking. •
( Accomplishments )
Militant 45 (10S, 15P, 20C)
Municipal Programs 12
Officer Development x2
Pirate's Hidden Catacomb x2
Random Violence x2
Weapon Transformation x2
Building An Army x3
Limit Break Unlock x2
Tomb of Illusion
Evil Deeds
Devil's Chestplate
Mystic Aura
Breaking Limits
Home Guardian
Specialist Aquisition
Nether Injection
Offensive Induction
Ultryn Ascension
Chaotic Child
Military Skill
Town Hero
Good Deed
( Acquired Phenomena )
Mystic Aura
Demonic Transformation
Weapon Bond
Atmospheric Exert
Shooting Star Summon (2/3)
( Techniques )


Package 3: Weapon (Fencing). . . . . .
Initial Free Package
Slash (c,b)
Thrust (c,b)
Bash (c,b)
Pivot Strike (c,b)
Dual Wield (b)
Tip Drill (b)
Multi Point Strike (b)
Shocking Disarm (b)

Package 4: Defensive. . . . . . . . . . . .
Block (c,b)
Guard (c,b)
Weight Shift (c,b)
Arcane Sensing (c,b)
Strength Exert (b)
Parry (b)
Swift Evasion (b)

Package 5: Pessiah. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Swift Running
Elemental Strike (c,b)
Physical Bash (c,b)
Powered Second Form (b)
Double Attack (b)
Elemental Blast (b)
Omega Bash (b)
Ultimate Form (a)
Unite (a)

Package 3: Weapon (Lashing). . . . . .
Whipsnap (c,b)
Projectile Blocking (b)
Whiptoss (b)
Angry Fury of 100 Jellyfish (a)

Package 6: Stat Effect/Boosting. . . . .
Clearance (a)
Resurrect (a)

Mastery Training Techniques:
Mastery Slot Completion: 2 [0/10]

Merc . . . . . . . .
Deception Blade (B)

Knighthood . . . Second Wind (B)

Limit Breaks:
Rank C Limit Break: Liquision
Rank B Limit Break:
Rank A Limit Break: Black Plague
Dark Knight Transformation
+Defense, +Swiftness TExp: 32, Max Stage II
- Equipped: [ Seigmund, Dragon Scale Shield ]
- Equipped: Head: [ Knight Helm ]
Shoulders: [ Goliaths Cape ]
Body: [ Genji Armor, Eagle Wings ]
Waist: [ Belt of Life ]
Hands: [ Armored Gloves, Hearfyre Ring ]
Feet: [ Armored Boots ]
- Storage: [ Toorima Plushie, Wooden Rapier (c), Elixir, Rune Shield (B), Potion x2, Phoenix Serum x2, Elixir of Det'Naw x2, Diamond Shield ]
OOC / Matchmaking
- msn messenger address: raymondllau94@msn.com
- contact to RP: sometimes
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PostSubject: Re: Jikaru Shigen   Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:37 pm

Jikaru Extended
Custom Intro: A heavy fog blankets the area. A massive flagship twice the width of a normal one fades into view, its front sail like a massive, billowing wall. On it is Jikaru's pirate crew emblem: a fierce, dark blue sea serpent that looks like a dragon without wings wrapped elaborately around a jolly roger. Its head is positioned to strike, as if it could leap out of its cloth and become real. A chilling chorus of pirates singing their pirate songs gradually grow louder until the area thunders with it. The chorus ends on a definite downbeat that warns everyone not a pirate -- and not a pirate for Jikaru -- to beware.. With this the mist and the flagship (which had sailed from behind Jikaru to past the opponents) fades away rapidly. Left behind is the pirate captain and his crew, silently and steadily looking into the eyes of those against them.
Transformed [Rattler's Whip] into:
Seigmund: a whiplance which extends when I apply force (slash, thrust, etc), with metal sections of the lance connected to the whip/chain inside. It can be used fully as a whip (the shaft can change from rigid to flexible) when needed, Every time the chain extends, the outside metal disconnects into many pieces to go along with the extension -- and when it retracts, the pieces clink and lock back together. Twisting it the right way would let it go slack from the start (which would have it loosen up to its full extended length) or make it rigid like a lance (where extension and retraction would happen). Since the chain is wounded tightly and so retracts very swiftly, it requires the maximum strength capacity for each rank (ie. Mystic for A rank, Unnatural for S rank) to fully utilize.
Dragon Scale Shield (S)
A large red full length platelet shaped in the form of a shield with the texture of dragon skin.
Effect: Nulls fire.
Dark Knight Transformation : Jikaru's armor and shield distorts, liquefying into strands of
darkness. His eyes glow white in sharp contrast, and his entire being is engulfed in abysmal
black. Wisps of energy float around him, outlining an oval of magical protection.
+Defense, +Swiftness TExp: 20, Max Stage II
Rank C Limit Break: Liquision: Only available after a successful attack. The areas Jikaru
damaged will explode with water, expanding the wound(s) or bruise(s).
Rank B Limit Break:
Rank A Limit Break: Black Plague: The Dark Knight draws spirits from the abyss. From the core of the user a swarm of utter black demons is unleashed. Wherever they touch entropy follows close; disintegration and decay overwhelms the target(s), eating through metal and flesh. The dead is turned to ashes that melt into the ground, scarring the land forever.
Name: Sovereign
Type: Beast (Sea Drake)
Element: Water
Strengths: Magic, Defense, Magic Defense
Equipped: Platinum Mountarmor
Life Path:

Path Name Wordcount
Path of Warlord 62,262
Path of the Seas 74,257

[Last Exile]
Headquarters: Pirate's Cove
Home Guardian: Hydra
Property: Interceptors x13
Defenders x5
Captain: Jikaru Shigen
Ranking Officers:
Johamu (First Mate)
Ender (Second Mate/Navigator)
Grimly (Treasury and Commerce)
Kasimira Curlione (Prophet/Dancer)
Tsukina Sagamu (Master Gunsman)
Vincent Cage (Bard/Beast Commander)
Ni'Shakz Juha (Doctor/Scientist)
Vontello Jones (Cook/Spirit Hands)

Number of Troops: 8,000/12,000
Number of Divisions: 4
Division 1: Sea Dogs
Division General: Tsukina Sagamu
Description: Skeleton crews for the naval vessels. Self sufficient and useful on all occasions.
Number in this Division: 2,000
Division Techniques: Short Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Seige Engineers, Healing/Medical
Johamu Vaskin {First Mate} 22 years old
. Originally a travelling apprentice of his father, an ordinary tool merchant, "Joe" stumbled upon a martial arts teacher when visiting a town. He devoted heavily to training. After assaulting government officials, he left his life behind and applied for mercenary jobs, drowning his days in alchohol and bloodshed. Jikaru recruited the afro samurai and gave him a new chance at life. Unlike Ender, Johamu frequently relies on his impulses to do the thinking.
Equipped: Treius Battle Arm, Straw Hat, Heavy Hitting Hammer, Tabi, Health Belt, Elixir of Det'Naw x3, Pheonix Serum x2, Wolffang Serum x3, Destructive Tags x10, Dragon Wings, Movement Ring, Heartfyre Ring
Level: 15 (40,945 exp) | A rank
Attribute points: 42
14 Str (Strong)
00 Def (Weak)
00 Mag (Weak)
00 MDef (Weak)
16 Spd (Mystic)
12 (+4) Swft (Strong)
00 Chrg (Weak)
Division 2: Sea Drakes
Division General: Johamu Vaskin
Description: The main assault division; raiders on land. Can easily switch from extreme offensive to extreme defensive.
Number in this Division: 6,000
Division Techniques: Short Melee Weapon, Berserk, Stat Boosting, Defensive/Shielding

Ender Smith {Second Mate | Navigator} 26 years old
. A dark mage from a cult of satanists, he chose to leave his family and their culture behind under the pretense of "a pilgrimage to understand Lucifer more." Ender occupied a lone galleon that floated more than sailed, manned by a crew of summoned wraiths and skeletons. Jikaru rescued him from the stake in a town of religious fanatics, and in return the quiet, observant wizard helped him scourge the town of humans. He is the most trusted officer, known for being dangerously wise and manipulating.
Equipped: Kenshinzotie, Wizard's Hat, Maji Earrings, Devil Wings, Elixir of Det'Naw x3, Pheonix Serum x2, Staminasash, Blue Gem Amulet, Heartfyre Ring, Tabi
Level: 15 (40,945 exp) | A rank
Attribute points: 42
00 Str (Weak)
00 Def (Weak)
12 + 4 Mag (Strong)
00 MDef (Weak)
00 Spd (Mystic)
14 + 2 Swft (Strong)
16 Chrg (Mystic)
Division 4: Ocean
Division General: Ender Smith
Description: The mystics that have the powers of the ocean. They are the backbone to the Last Exile's naval advantage.
Number in this Division: 0
Division Techniques: Wind Arcane, Water Arcane, Nether Arcane, Hand to Hand
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Jikaru Shigen
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