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 Getting out of the rain

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PostSubject: Getting out of the rain   Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:22 am

A gentle rain descended upon the city in this dreary night, this homeage to every pathetic scene from a movie about the city... It was dull, it was dreary, and it was cold...

A lone man walked down the alley way calmly, wearing a black leather jacket with thin silver-white fur around the collar, a bright red shirt that clung tight to his semi-muscular frame, and a pair of abnormally well-fitted faded black denom pants. His hair drooped over his face, soaked through and through by the rain which, despite its light nature, had been going on for over two hours now. The ashen brown hair now more closely resembled a black with brown tones in it due to the moisture it endured carrying and the crystal blue eyes that hid behind this veil of black scanned the area dimly lit by the cherry of a cigarette and a light over the back entrance to a profittable night club, guarded by a single bouncer. Nobody else was in sight.

The man walked with an inhuman grace, no vertical movement distinguishable, just a gentle sway side to side, likely due to the fact that the man's heels never knew the earth's coil, never gracing the gravel and dirt once as his toes landed lightly on the ground so gently that the noise disappeared into the near silent rain's whispering fall. He approached the bouncer slowly, the other quickly snapping to attention and addressing the lone figure walking up to him.

"Hey Damen, what're you doin in these parts?" the man said, raising a brow as he crossed his arms, "My little brother doesn't anticipate trouble around here, does he?" the man asked.

"No Darius, don't worry. I was actually looking to get out of the rain." he said, looking up at his elder brother, the Ace of Clubs, a title worn as a mark of the brothers. "And I was wondering if I could come in."

Darius chuckled, "You know if the boss didn't like me, I would be screwed out of a job by your visits." Darius said, turning to open the door for his younger brother, "Just try not to let anybody see you dry off this time..."

Damen smiled, "Way ahead of you." he said, entering the club as his brother closed the door behind him, the pounding music already surrounding the young-looking male as he entered the club's back hallway, walking to the nearest bathroom as his clothes became more porous, retaining the water until he entered. After making sure the room was clear, the water leaked out in front of one of the sinks, his body letting the water slide right off of it as though he were a pane of glass, becoming totally dry in mere moments. "God I love doing that..." he said as he popped his back, exitting the restroom and entering the club with a slight grin, his outfit no longer holding the leather coat, but now having a black long-sleeved overshirt with white trim around the folded collar.
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Getting out of the rain
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