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 Catching up

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PostSubject: Catching up   Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:07 pm

Adrian was sitting on his couch, his TV tuned into CSI. He was only half paying attention to it though. Instead he was more focused on the work he'd set out to do for Akiko once more. His fingers danced over the keys of his laptop, typing up the words from the third book he'd found from his grandmother. This one, however was much harder to describe and move over. This one was written in a language he'd never seen before, and try as he might every single translator he could find on the internet couldn't translate anything.

Rubbing his eyes he sighed. He was getting tired of looking for answers. He couldn't even make out anything in anything he'd read. None of her other diaries or entries he'd found in the storage garage had anything that might even give him a clue. He knew his grandmother better than anyone else in the city, as far as he knew, and the demon hunters living in the ruins in the woods wouldn't tell him anything about her if they knew anything at all. He was getting fed up with the 'silent riddles' they passed along.

Sighing he shook his head and stood. Going to his fridge he took a bottle of beer out, before he began cooking his dinner. Even cooking, something he loved to do, couldn't take his mind off of the strange writing his grandmother had used. He'd have to run a search for cryptology later, see if he could translate it himself.
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Catching up
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