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 After School Interrupted: A World of Our Own, The Battle of GAR II (Kiun, Open)

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After School Interrupted: A World of Our Own, The Battle of GAR II (Kiun, Open) Empty
PostSubject: After School Interrupted: A World of Our Own, The Battle of GAR II (Kiun, Open)   After School Interrupted: A World of Our Own, The Battle of GAR II (Kiun, Open) EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 3:41 pm

Asakano Seiki
Saving Seiki's Privates
Ooc: Open to most High School clique members, anyone other than Rune or Rekoa PM before you join.

Last time on Hotaka Ball Z. The last day of school before Winter Break ended and our heroes were walking home from school like normal. After a bit of imagined Yaoi fanservice, the two were attacked by members of the Art and Manga club to be used for art referencing for a hard core Yaoi doujin. Our two heroes heroically fought off the assaulters with much gully, manliness and finesse. In an underhanded attack utilizing Love Musk and a forbidden dark technique, two shinobi school girls get the upper hand on Asakano while Hotaka is busy in his own battle. Asakano is captured and a retreat is called with a challenge to Hotaka to retrieve his friend. Will Hotaka be able to run the gauntlet set by the A&M Club and rescue his friend or will his comrade be left in the hands of the enemy? Is there anything a single man can do? Let’s find out in episode 2 of Hotaka Ball Ze!

I found myself trapped in the clutches of evil; at least, that’s where I was assumed to be. I also found that I was fading in and out of consciousness, as the strain on my body was almost too much to bear in this pit of what would be comparable to an opium den, but with a white powdery substance rated to be much stronger: love musk. My body semi nude and bound by chains, stretched out against a white background with my arms held up and out to the sides in a dominatrix type fashion. A pair of black neko ears give me a moe-ish appeal with a matching black tail extending from the back of the loincloth I was dressed in. The maniacal tormentors of the Art and Manga club had already begun in their plans and I was already the subject of many a brushstroke. Surrounding me in a semi circle of flat surfaced white desks in a radius around the canvas I was creating were several members of the club, with toothy grins and slob bubbles hanging down the corner of their mouths with their glasses reflecting light ominously, cutting off the view of their eyes. My vision is blurry as I attempt to access my surroundings to little avail. It would seem that I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew. My voice is in a low murmur as my head hangs down, my bangs covering the top portion of my face. My lips move slowly as my voice utters the groan, “Hota…ka… tasu..ke… te…”

The lair of the Art and Manga club is an intimidating structure (not really). It used to reside next to the library on the fourth floor of the main school building, but after going to the dark side (getting kicked out by the real literary club) it was forced into the confines of the basement beneath where classes are normally held for the high school students. It was well guarded for a club of its type. Several MOEs stood sentry at the various entrances into the basement and beyond the basement, there was a maze of hallways and classrooms until the correct room, room B-52, was reached. Normally the area below would be well lit by artificial lights, but these were dimmed with the increase in security from amber to orange. The leader of the club was expecting company and would be sure to welcome him thoroughly, since only half of their plan had been accomplished thus far.

To begin, two normal looking high school girls hold their books at their chest and half a casual conversation in front of the main entrance to the basement, the stairway. So far, nothing seemed out of the ordinary as they continue to speak.
“…I think his name is Beat,” one of the girls says. The other remarks, “really? I thought he was cute at first, but Natsuki-chan said that he was a pervert.” The other’s eyes get wide, “really? It’s a shame. Natsuki-chan’s pretty scary isn’t she?” The other nods, “mhm. They say she almost burned down the home ed club the other day!” 690