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 I just want to be a normal girl! (Part 2-Artifact Activation)

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PostSubject: I just want to be a normal girl! (Part 2-Artifact Activation)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 3:01 am

"Do you guys have to follow me to school?" I ask as the three float around my head. But then they settle on my head and I growl a bit and swat at them. "Don't do that!" I hiss and Su tears up. Ah crap. I sigh and grab Su, settling her on my shoulder and the other two follow. "Don't cry, Su," I say softly and walk up to the school. She perks up and I mentally sigh. This is going to be a long day. I can feel it.

"Amu!" I pause and turn to see Yaya and Nadeshiko. I smile at them. They are a pair of my few friends. I don't have to keep up my act as much around them.

"Mornin' guys," I greet in my normal fashion and we move together into the school. Yaya is a perky, candy loving dancer while Nadeshiko is a calm, traditional girl. Yaya wants to be a prima ballerina while Nadeshiko is trying to be a Kabuki dancer. Me.. Well I'm the odd ball with only my attitude and looks. I honestly don't know what I want to do. I'm not all that good at things anyway.

We enter class and I place on my cool indifferent mask, many of the girls looking at me with hearts in their eyes. Good god.. When did I gain the rep I have now? I mentally sigh again and take my seat. Ran, Miki and Su look around before settling on my desk. Ran can't seem to sit still and ends up flying around the room to check everyone out. Miki sits calmly and draws in what looks like a sketch pad while Su looks at herself in my pocket mirror. I want to hit my head on my desk. How in the hell did I get stuck with these little spirits. I peek at them and smile a bit. Well.. I guess they aren’t so bad.

Class slips by and I find myself already packing up to go home. My little guardians at least behaved during class and no one seems to be able to see them. I say good bye to Yaya and Nadeshiko at the school gate and begin walking home. I then pause. Crap. I forgot my math homework. I turn and jog back toward the school, the three Shugos following. That's what I'm nicknaming them for now when referring to them. I make it back to the empty class and grab my book only to pause as something brushes against my senses. Ran, Miki and Su seem to grow serious. Then they race away.

"Hey! Wait!" I call after them and run to follow. Why am I following them anyway? Honestly I don't know. I move up the stairs, chasing them up four flights before I come out on the roof top. I pant, resting my hands on my knees as I try to catch my breath. I then hear something and my head shoots up and I scream at the creature looking at me. It looks like a deformed centipede/snake. I back up a step, pressing myself against the roof top door, eyes widen, heart beating in my ears. I'm scared.

Ran, Miki and Su appear next to me, all glaring at the beast. "You have to be strong, Amu-chi!" Ran says and I peek at her like she's crazy.

"Awaken your true power, ya," Miki adds and Su nods. My what? Power... I have no power. The thing roars and charges. Oh god. I'm going to die. I shut my eyes tightly as it comes for me.

"AMU!" all three little shugos yell my name. Their scared too. I can't let them get hurt. I want to protect them and myself. Power. I want the power to protect! I feel something stir and my eyes snap open as heat blossoms in my body. The thing lunges at me and I move, leaping up and into the air in a manner that's not normal for a person. I then somersault and land behind it. I blink and look down at my hands. My body is glowing softly in a rainbow of colors. The demon turns and looks at me and I grab a lead pipe that one of the gang members must have left during lunch. I grip it tightly and as the thing attacks I leap up again and then come down, bringing the lead pipe down forcefully on its head. I hear a sickening crack and land. I stumble and turn to look at the thing as it falls to the ground and doesn't move.

"Whoa.." I say and look at the pipe in my hand. I.. I did that? Ran, Miki and Su appear before me smiling. Ran gives me a thumbs up.

"Good job!" she cheers and Miki nods while Su twirls around. I smile a bit at them and drop the pipe. The demon begins to fade away and I sigh in relief.

"Come on guys. Let's go home," I say and all of them look at me in surprise before they all hug me. "Okay. Okay. Stop!" I protest while laughing. Maybe they really aren't so bad to have around.

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PostSubject: Re: I just want to be a normal girl! (Part 2-Artifact Activation)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:14 am


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I just want to be a normal girl! (Part 2-Artifact Activation)
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