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 Spiritual Awareness Quest

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PostSubject: Spiritual Awareness Quest   Thu May 14, 2009 4:35 am

The day was passing by as Dwem didn’t have much to do at the moment but wait for his next class to get started at the University. Taking a moment to guy a cup of some sort of odd twisted complicated coffee that cost way too much to buy none the less a lot more time ordering it all.

At times like this Dwem just like to sit there long enough to see both side of the world to go by him as all in do time after all. When he first saw them he was scared but over time Dwem became accustomed to it. Now people look at him oddly and think he is very wacked out odd of all things.

Jonathon stood there for a moment as he considers the spirit moving across the street during the broad daylight. Thinking to himself as he wondered why not all people could be able to see them as he did. Then again, he wondered if it was passably thinkable, he had gotten wacked in the head and was seeing things that were simply never there in the first place. Ever since he had been able to see them, crazy shit had been happening around him.
In a way Dwem, wonder if the spirits were the same as perhaps not all spirits were able to see the living. It was an interesting though to consider after all in the time he had to stand there. Considering that prospect Dwem was ever more curiously wondering.

Dwem simply turned and walked away along the street. Hearing a person scream turned around and saw they freak out and go crazy. Watching them realized that a spirit came into contact with them. Watching them fall to the ground. It did not take a mastermind to know they were dead right away.

Dwem suddenly recalled the day he first saw the dead people or as he learned to call them spirits. Recalling it as Dwem was suddenly back in his room as a child. Still afraid of the dark like all children were back then. He was a bit worse than the average kid was. Dwem swore he saw the monster under his bed and in the closet.

Remembering the first time, he saw a spirit himself Dwem wondered what it would have been as if if he never ever saw a spirit and remained blind to the unseen spirits as he was able to see them now. Totally ignorant of their presence like so many others.

As he became older, he was suddenly eager to catch a glimpse of the man under his bed and boogy man in his closet. Always curious at what really made the sound of the bump in the dark night. Therefore, he got exactly what he wished for. It was along the line of the old saying. Beware what you wish for as one day you just might get it.

Waiting outside his closet on a hot summer day Dwem remained at the door entrance to his closet eager to see the monsters. As the hours passed, he fell asleep waiting for it but nothing happened as he fell fast asleep. Along some time during the night, Dwem was awakened and that was when he saw something odd coming out of his closet.

Not knowing what he was looking at first as the spirit came through the door towards him. As it seemed they were about to touch him but simply fade away. Then another one and the one he had seen fade away had suddenly come back. As it seemed they were checking him out for a bit before leaving again.

Looking at them until they were gone Dwem felt, something wet as he looked down at himself realizing he wet himself and was afraid he crapped his nightclothes. After a moment, he recovered enough to go to the bathroom, clean himself up, and get back to bed. As he was not completely sure but was realizing he had seen a ghost. On the other hand, as most called it a spirit.

Dwem seemed to be shaken awake as he looked up and around himself. Now it was like he was looking at just another person walking down the street.. Looking up for a moment Dwem dint realize a spirit actually waved at him as taking a moment to finally wave back.

He recalled how happy he was after he cleaned up and went in cheering into his parent’s bed shouting he saw the boogy man and touched them. However, his parents simply told him it was all so wonderful. Go to bed and get some sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Awareness Quest   Thu May 21, 2009 9:57 pm


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Spiritual Awareness Quest
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