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 Artifact Activation Quest

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PostSubject: Artifact Activation Quest   Tue May 19, 2009 12:44 am

Dwem once was what everyone would consider normal. Then again as a human, what would be considered normal after all might be variously different depending from time to time. As according to what group or individual you may be talking to at the time. Glancing around Dwem sat on the top of the hillside simply wondering what had just happened and as at the same time weather, it really happened at all in the first place.

Recalling the day Dwem went camping with some of the local troop of survival camping group as something like the American boy scouts or something along that line. He was with a few of them whom he was actually starting to like enough to be with and hang out with. Learning a few things and helping each other. They were to achieve some objectives or another like tie a knot and start a fire. Starting a fire was easy though they never mentioned about not burning down the whole of the entire woods at the same time.

Moving along Dwem was tracking something along the trail and had barrowed his mothers pistol to take along with them. Moving along Dwem found himself freezing and looking around as something was seriously very much wrong here. Though knowing exactly what it was as of yet he kept on going along and looking back at his friends just in case.

All the sudden he was hit from the side and he heard his friends scream out in both fearful fright and in complete ear clenching pain. Screaming like they were getting torn apart as Dwem was slammed into a tree of some size and sort. Rolling onto the ground in pain Dwem dint consider checking out the species of tree that softened his impact before bouncing to a stop onto the rocky ground.

After a moment, he got up and looking around for his friends, he felt blood all over him. Though at first he simply felt wet then he saw the red. Pulling out the gun Dwem took a long look around before he stunned and frozen in his own fear with the site of the dead shredded bodies of his once living friends.

Dwem was extract in his fear feeling the terror and the sudden cold shrilling shriek unwillfully build up inside his lungs before he could prevent himself from releasing it into the surrounding forest. Echoing out into the distance as a mad animal fearful as all so uncontrollably fearful.

Turning around Dwem stumble and started moving al shredded up and such dint allow him to move along not all so smoothly at all. His mind froze as he felt something was wrong about this whole deal.

Looking about Dwem was about to simply take our screaming and running towards the direction of the camp. As he did, a glowing form appeared in front of Dwem. Coming to a complete stop as on a dime tipe of crapp. Not knowing at all for sure what was going on. Fear seemed to fill Dwems mind and shivering rapidly beating heart.

Slowly bit by bit Dwem begins to turn about with only the idea of flight in his mind. The spirit suddenly closed the distance between them as the brightly brilliantly seeing heat blinding them completely.

The sprit closed the distance between them and seemed to run right into him along the way it chose to flee. Getting thrown back Dwem into the ground knocking all the wind from his lung. As Dwem felt his body burn as if lit up on fire.

Dwem feeling the ability return, as he was able get up standing after a bit of some effort. Dwem staggered around for a few minutes and fell down again. Not knowing what was going on he felt something was spreading throughout his body and merging with him. It was an eternity of torment while this was occurring. Time seemed to slow down and it seemed as the longer it took the slower it flowed until it was apparent all time had come to a stop and he had passed out.

Getting up Dwem could feel his body was still on fire and felt all so very week. Looking around he was inside a Hospital room with severe injuries all over his body. Hearing people outside he reached over to press the call button he knew of since his grandfather had stayed in a Hospital once.

Looking around Dwem was curiously looking for his friends Dwem was told that they were all dead. All but a young girl who may or may not survive through the night do to her injuries. Dwem was curious as he found out who the girl was. After a little, he was able to find her room and sit at her side for a moment or two until the Nurses who were looking for him found him there. There said her name was Megumi Haricachie. Hearing the name and finally knowing whom she was Dwem felt very close to her for some reason or another.

Dwem felt somewhat different in many ways as he was not sure as to why but he no longer felt the same as he once did. Feeling that something had happened explained his event to anyone who would listen to him. For the time he was in the Hospital, he lay there in his bed unless allowed to go visit his new friend who also survived the hell of that day.

A Nurse came by and Dwem noticed an old woman walking with her with a lot of books in a cart. Handing Dwem a book as old as time if at least a lot older than Dwem was.

“Read this young man. I feel it will resolve what fears you the most. “

Walking out Dwem watched her closely and fallowed her out the door until she was gone. The Nurse simply wondering who Dwem was looking at helped him back into bed as she noticed the book for the very first time. Giving Dwem a very odd look, as she did not think he had the book a moment before when she first came into the room to check in on him.

A book on some sort of race of changed humans as he read the back cover to see what is would and might cover.

● Hitorinji
Attributes: Average
someone who resembles an everyday normal human being but Hitorinji's differ from natural humans. They have special core spirits called Artifacts deep in their bodies that have merged with a Shouchou, an invisible spirit symbol. This merger gives the human enhanced abilities more so than a normal human making them seem very talented in a certain area and more adept at learning magical abilities. Because of the spirit merger with their artifact, these humans cannot be possessed by class transformations, but they can naturally see spirit beings. A normal human can become a Hitorinji at any time and can only revert back to a normal human through exorcism. If your Shouchou is exorcised as a Hitorinji, you must seek to regain it in order to gain back your Hitorinji powers.

Reading the cover as both front and back Dwem was very confused as he saw the Authors picture but recognizing them as the one who gave him the book. Only did he read her short life history as a Writer did he realize she was dead. Feeling a bit awkward Dwem opened the book and began to read over it very slowly and carefully so as not to miss not a single word of wise fact the book had to offer him. Understanding with every page turned that this event had left him forever a different person forever. He much to place together of the puzzle was missing many pieces he had to find himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Artifact Activation Quest   Thu May 21, 2009 9:57 pm


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Artifact Activation Quest
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