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 Research at home

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PostSubject: Research at home   Mon May 25, 2009 11:37 pm

Adrian stared at his grandmother's journal his eyes wide. He could see the reflection in the glass of water he'd set down beside it! It was so obvious! It was backwards! But only portions! Grabbing a pen he began writing out the words written in her backwards writing. The way it had been designed had been so hard do decypher because it didn't LOOK backwards. Until it was turned around it wouldn't make any sense. It had been a perfect mystery. It had been hidden within itself. Nobody knew what it was she was going to be leaving in these books. He wrote quickly, his hands moving as his eyes scaned the pages. He frowned when he finished writing.

Beware the quiet ones and what their thoughts may bring. Jigoku seeks a tool to bring about destruction of the human race. Peace cannot be won without sacrefice.

Adrian frowned. The fourth journal his grandmother left him was the only one with this backwords writing but none the less it was strange reading her hidden message. Even for the most powerful demon hunter he knew of in the world, this seemed somewhat strange. Jigoku was another name for Hell. The realm of demons. But why would she refer to it as a living breathing singular being? Shaking his head he stood and yawned.

Putting that book aside he picked up the fifth book and began going through it.

Creation of the world is far stranger than others have. Among myth that we have found in the Western Woods, the world existed before hell. Within the world there were many different types of spirits. But they were not demons, angels, or humans. They were instead all the same. Until the nine kami, that is. The ten children of Onnotangu and Amaterasu, they were destined to be the rulers of the world. But Onnotangu suspected that one day they might oppose him and decided to eat them. But Amaterasu couldn't just stand by. Nor could she stop her husband. So being wise she instead decided to manipulate him. She agreed to it and, after each child was devoured, she gave him a cup of sake. At the end, he was so drunk that he didn't notice that instead of the last child he ate a large stone. This child was Hantei.

One day Hantei was strong enough and ready to face his father. Hantei cut his father down and his belly open, rescuing the other Kami, except for his brother Ryoshun, for whom it was too late. At the end, Onnotangu cast a spell, separating the world into a realm of mortals and immortals. As the worlds separated the eight kami fell to earth. There they began creating, with the last of their powers, the world they desired.

Akodo the Lioness, created the animals of earth, sky and water, before she reverted to a mortal lion.

Bayushi the Scorpion, master of poisons, gave the gift of death, so that each mortal would cherish the life they were given as best they could before he became the guardian of the gates of life and death.

Doji the Crane, gave the four winds of fortune, the mountains, and gave flight to the world of beasts, before she became the wind itself.

Hantei, the mightiest of them gave life to the world with humanity, before he became a human.

Hida the impervious, gave the oceans and rivers to the world, that those living would never be without the ability to quench their thirsts. Shortly after, he became a giant crab and decended into the ocean to never be seen again.

Shiba the Phoenix, gave the world the gift of warmth, and allowed Amaterasu, the sun herself to shine her own gifts upon the world. After, she decended to the core of the earth.

Shinjo the Horse, gave the world the speed and cunning they might need to survive the harshness of this newly formed world.

Finally, the last Kami, Togashi the dragon, gave the world knowledge. Beasts began growing smarter, as humans became enlightened before he became a human with the very last ounce of power he had, that he might continue to bestow enlightenment he had upon them.

But their last remaining sibling, Fu Leng the ninth kami, the only one to turn his back on them, demanded he be made ruler over Heaven because he was the only one not cast out. But Amaterasu denied him. So he left the heavens to come to Earth. To become ruler. But his plans failed. Because as he fell from Heaven he passed through Ningen-do, Earth, and created a world below it of his own. He created Jigoku and became it's ruler. Since then the dragon of darkness has desired to come to Earth and rule it. But those that fight on behalf of the eight Kami have held his forces back.

But Now, I fear that his forces may be working now to protect their master in the guise of a human. Whoever is reading this, you must not allow Fu Leng to take control of the world.

Adrian closed the journal frowning as he stared off into space. Fu Leng, that name meant something to him. But nothing came to mind as he stood there. Tossing it aside he sighed, and moved to his bedroom. He pulled the sheets back as he heard Satsu enter the apartment.

"Oi! You called me?" he asked.

"Yeah. I have something I need to discuss with you. You're the only person I can trust with this Satsu... You're the only person that won't speak up about it until it's time." Adrian said.

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PostSubject: Re: Research at home   Tue May 26, 2009 8:23 am

got it
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Research at home
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