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 Book signing. Wistle wize we work.

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What should I go with my Charector Dwem.
A) Just Path Writer
 60% [ 3 ]
B) Training in Fighting.
 20% [ 1 ]
C) Hit on the chicks and become a well known crazy smoocher stalker.
 20% [ 1 ]
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PostSubject: Book signing. Wistle wize we work.   Sat May 30, 2009 2:28 am

Dwem was up and off as he was eagerly going to be on his way to a book signing of all things. Moving around getting dressed as he was never normally up this early but he figured to have an early start of it and make assure that everything was set up correctly. As he considered his servant Nasakie Dwem could not help himself as he rushed up tackling her playful like onto his bed and had a little fun. Slapping him as she playfully tried to get him off but became serious until right before she gave into his urges and simply lay there out of breath. Giving Dwem a pouty look as she was kissed several times before Dwem let her up. Rolling over Dwem lay there on the bed as she gave him a stern sharp punch in the stomach where as Dwem pretended it really hurt.

Getting back up as he was hit by several pillows from a fleeing servant Dwem had to laugh as he finished getting ready. Looking around as he saw her make his bed as he called back to her. Something about fluffing his pillows.

Making his way out to the dining room but was assured that the bookstore would be set up with goodies already. Taking off outside as everything was prepped for him as his Published was ecstatically pleased Dwem was actually suggesting doing more book signing and stuff as he was already signed up for a few conventions after he showed his willingness to do the personal appearances and such unlike many other Writers out there.

Showing up at the bookstore, Dwem got out and glanced around at the place. It was a nice but small store but it had a feeling about it. Walking inside with his normal things he took along the way to any speaking or meeting as per say. Dwem saw a table and took a seat waiting for the small group of staff to finish setting up things for the book signing. Taking a few moments as the bookshop was not open as of yet. The owner a group f Ladies in their older ages of years seemed very nice enough as it was.

Dwem took out his lab top and started writing a few adjustments including a few suggestions from his agent and the Editing team from the Publishing House. Dwem was clicking away when he noticed a few people looking over his shoulder. He was so busily into writing and editing his book, he did not notice it at all. Looking up Dwem smiled for a moment as one of them mentioned something to Dwem. As they started correcting him on details of the writing as they said what they thought.

After enough time they were starting to debate things about the story line and such as Dwem sat back and had a laugh over all of this. It was quite amusing to see this. They did not even know for whom they were speaking to after all of what they just said. Simply biding his time Dwem was given some hot tea and he went back to work opening a side page to write down the suggestion but remembered he was recording his notes along the whole time to get his mind going when he red his rough draft aloud then review it later on.

His editor came walking up and gave Dwem a friendly poke after noticing he was amusing himself with a few of the workers at the bookshops Cafe and front desk. Calling him by his pen name right off the bat.

“Mr. Nasackia Sir the table is set up and the shop is already preparing to open soon. I will get you some more of your favorite tea set up before you move to the signing table to get things going. “

Looking at the people Dwem smiled and went over to the table as only to stop for a moment looking back at a group of the people who disagreed on the death of a minor Character who they felt should become a Major Character in a comeback.

“So, you think Delz should be brought back as a Major role in the story line ha. Hmm. Very interesting indeed. I might just have to consider that. Though my Agent and Editor my disagree with you on that. What trhe hell. Lets give it a go any ways all the same. “

Walking over Dwem got set up, started writing a few things, and signed some books he had brought with him from the smaller run of collectable limited prints. Taking a moment before the Shop opened officially, he sent them over to the shop workers as he simply smiled as the first customer came in, purchased a copy of the book, and got it signed.

The day went buy pretty much as expected but Dwem was a patient guy so he did not mind at all. Lunch soon arrived as Dwem sent out for some Sushi from his favorite restaurant as it arrived as he pre ordered it to arrive at that time. Sharing with everyone as he normally did. One of the employees asked how he could afford all of this great food. Dwem simply smiled and chuckled. “My parents are rich. You do not think my writing earns me this kind of living now do you. “

As the food was served Dwem shared a bit of his tea with the shop workers and a few of the obviously more regular customers of the shop as they talked and soon got back to debating the his books. Dwem was starting to enjoy all of this greatly so. The whole idea of his fans deciding things about the character and story line was an interesting idea. Dwem took careful long thought out notes and figured it would not hurt to see what he could come up with after reviewing his notes. Then if he decided to use it after all the editing was complete. He knew it would mean something special to the one who knew it was there idea, which went into that part of the story line and character’s action. Dwem was intrieged.

1,040 Words

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PostSubject: Re: Book signing. Wistle wize we work.   Sun May 31, 2009 12:46 am

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Book signing. Wistle wize we work.
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