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PostSubject: Belcia   Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:09 pm

Region of Greater Belcia
As Conquered by the Kyoukou Batsu

Note: For those who are not a citizen of Kyrotoshi, travelers and merchants require a permit to move about the main city of Belcia. The warp portal to Belcia redirects to one of the checkpoint locations and generally require interaction with a Kyrotoshi NPC.

- MAP -

* Belcia * Sunlit City of Destiny, E17The main city of Greater Belcia built within a lush and green land that overlooks the northern seas. It's proximity to the sea makes it great for salt water fishing and the mountains are good for training and hunting. Often referred to as the "Sunlit City of Destiny" the morning light strikes this province with all of its majestic beauty and reveals a city in ruin. Hit hard by Rubian Imperial forces, the populace was forced to flee. After a full out night attack the city is controlled by the Kyrotoshi Empire. Efforts have recreated the destroyed portions of the city.

City Funds

Civil Property
2 Freighter - (Hayai, Jinsoku)
2 Mounted Carriage
1 Large House -
1 Large House - (Leased to Jace Beleren)
1 Large House - (Leased to Sasaki Katsumi)
1 Large House - (Leased to Lark Nightwing)

Military Property
2 Flagship - (Zetsumei)
2 Defender - (Hakaisha, Kuchikukan)
6 Galleon - (Kurai, Toukai, Immetsu, Metsubou, Kujo, Kuro)
20 Galleons - Unnamed
76 Cannons
4 Mage Cannons (Fujisaki-ha)
1 Aircup
5 Juggernaut Golems (A)
20 Soldier Golems (B)
40 Half Carts
80 Shock Bracers
25 Gold Armors
2 Warp Portals

* Mayonaka * Midnight, F16
Known as to those in the Belcian area as the Southern Fort Village, this serves as the southern boundary point of the Greater Belcian Area. It is the size of a small village protected on all sides by a large wall, with a military compound, warp portal, and the southern command center of the Kyrotoshi forces in Belcia. It is the southern Belcian post and inspection checkpoint for trade going into and out of the city of Belcia by land. This is one of two portal check points when attempting to warp into Belcia.

Military Property

5 Trebuchet
5 Magic Cannons
10 Cannons
4 Arablest
1 Warp Portal, Compound, Large House

* Honkyochi * Stronghold, F17
The Western Fort that serves as a buffer filling in the gaps left by the national mountainous boundaries of the Greater Belcian Area. It serves as the western checkpoint for any trade that may come in from that side and hosts the same facilities as the southern fort as well as being the home of Hitoshi Jiseki’s personal warlord army and the Reitosuru guild of assassins. Large walls surround the village size fort and mountains on either side. This is one of two portal check points when attempting to warp into Belcia.

Military Property (*moved north) 5 Trebuchet
5 Magic Cannons
10 Cannons
4 Arablest
1 Warp Portal, Compound, Large House

* Tokuhagashi * EastShield, E18
The main eastern fort used to secure the Greater Belcian Area to the east. It rests behind the eastern most checkpoint and gate in the large wall that walls off the Greater Belcian Area from Al'Yakian Territory. Mainly military, there is no need for commerce or travel checkpoints as the installation is for early breech warning and mitigation.

Military Property
Warp Portal
2 Compounds
20 Cannons

City Leadership
National Leader:
- Hitoshi Kyrojin

Acting Leader/Magistrate
- Hitoshi Jiseki

Second in Command:
- Mahail Luca

Civil Council Members
- Hitoshi Cobey (Foreign Affairs)
- Malvinius Ciena (Internal Affairs)
- Tyde Demorte (Economics)
- Jace Beleren (Research and Development)

Military Council Members:
- Zenkashi Zuel (General - KB)
- Reitosuru Yukina (Commander of Intelligence)
- Gintama Nobari (Captain - TS)
- Shinsuke Takeo (Captain - TS)
Defending Forces
Kyoukou Batsu
The national army.

Division 7: Reserves (40,000)
Scattered and off duty forces that are only called upon in the case of emergency.
- Short Melee Weapons
- Ranged Weapons
- Stealth
- Trapping
- Defensive/Shielding

Takai Shinku
Jiseki's subnational army.

Division 10: Frontlines (5,000)
Division 11: Fallback Unit (4,000)
Division 12: The Mystics (2,700)
Division 13: Support (2,000)
NPC Officer Characters
Gintama Nobari
An up and rising officer under Shade with Division 5, Nobari was recommended by his General for placement under Jiseki in Belcia as the new head of the City's Police Forces.
Equipped: Dark Elvarm, Chaos Katana

16 Str (Mystic)
11 Def (Strong)
00 Mag (Weak)
00 MDef (Weak)
06 Spd (Average)
11 Swft (Strong)
00 Chrg (Weak)
Shinsuke Takeo
Often hard to read and seemingly lacking of the ambition it takes to be an officer, Takeo is recommended by his Captain to serve in the Belcian forces after the mysterious death of his superior.
Equipped: Dark Elvarm, Chaos Katana

11 Str (Strong)
06 Def (Average)
00 Mag (Weak)
06 MDef (Average)
10 Spd (+2) (Strong)
11 Swft (Strong)
00 Chrg (Weak)

City Guardian Farve & Evraf
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