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 Introduction to the Site

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PostSubject: Introduction to the Site   Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:18 am

How to Play at H2H

H2H is a STAT BASED Role-Playing Site. This means that you role-play a character that has a bio sheet that gives a rough estimate of what your character can and cannot do. The setting of the site is covered in the site story (http://h2h.site90.com/story.html).

The site has 2 portions. It has the site shell (http://h2h.site90.com/), which holds all the information, rules, techniques, etc for the site, AND it has the site forum (http://wotr.forumotion.com/h2h-f45/), which is where the interaction takes place. On the forum there is the site portal (http://wotr.forumotion.com/portal.htm) which is a quick reference page to important information, who’s online and the 99 most recently posted topics in order of when they were posted in last. It’s a great way to keep up with current threads.

The concept of a stat based role-playing site is that every role-play or story you do gives you some type of reward that builds up your character. The amount of words you type into a role-play is referred to as WC (Wordcount), which can be used to gain experience, techniques, job credit, etc.

Now that the basics are explained, the more detailed information can be found on the site shell (http://h2h.site90.com/).

The first step is to create a bio, which is easiest created by copying someone else’s bio and filling in your own information. Regardless of how complicated the rules are, there is 1 easy point: RP with others and your character will grow. Jumping right in is the best way to learn how to RP here. Ask questions on the boards if you need help, and you will be answered quickly.

*If someone can make this easier, or add something simply I added, post it please. I'm trying to make an intro for someone who has never been to this type of site before since Shin has agreed on a membership driving campaign.

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction to the Site   Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:08 pm

good ish boy. lemme kno when ur dun, i'll look it over and put it up somewhere easy to see. looks fine t'me, but i made the site, so i'm not a good ref. point.

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Introduction to the Site
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