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 More than a beginning

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More than a beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: More than a beginning   More than a beginning EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 6:50 am

More than a beginning Minami-chanBanneV2

My frame rests on the large limb of tree as I lean against it. I was there enjoying the nice shade that shielded me from the summer heat. Plus I was hiding from the tourists as I tried to get a midday nap in. Man where they noisy. I was about to fall asleep when I hear a voice below me. My uncovered eye opens and I look down that the guy that saying something about spirits… does he see some or is he just saying the word. Looking around only seeing the normal shouchu that linger about. “I don’t see anything.” I state before taking a drink out of the jug hanging from my finger. A few people my find it a little odd to find a shrine maiden sitting in a tree. Though my cloths where that of a shrine maiden, they are loosely draped onto my body and the white kimono top is un-tucked from my re hakama. My head comes to lean back in place as my eyes stat to close again.

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More than a beginning
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