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PostSubject: Ashram(Closed)   Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:05 am

The world around the masked swordsman moved slowly. The animals moved by him at a pace so slow he wasn't sure why gravity hadn't taken them to the ground. It was strange, something he'd never imagined before. He frowned as he stood there, his eyes glancing left and right as he moved between the trees of the forest. The air was thick and warm and he had to work to insure he breathed. It was like when Tiamat had been released from his prison in the woods. It had been nearly impossible to breathe let alone move from the feeling of that unearthly evil.

The forest was so full of spiritual energy that it could be felt. He moved faster than nearly everything around him, though as he moved wherever his body carried him it became harder to move at that same speed. He wasn't a psychologist but he was a spiritualist. He continued to breathe slowly as he moved, his eyes widening as he entered a clearing in the forest. Standing there in red and white miko robes was his grandmother. But she looked much younger, like the pictures he'd seen of her when she was about his age.

Her long raven hair flowed down to the small of her back. Her deep azure eyes glowed softly as she stood there. Her figure was hidden under the priestess robes she wore, but that smile was what gave her away. That smile that she never lost. His eyes stared into his as if boring deep into his very soul. He knew that look. She wasn't happy with something he'd done. She never yelled at him, never raised her voice. She was always quiet, gentle, kind, and understanding. But no matter what she never showed any weakness. She was always confident and strong in her beliefs. Something Adrian hoped he'd gained from her.

My Ashram. Why have you come here today?

He hadn't heard that name in forever. His grandfather's name had been Ashram and as he grew up all of his grandmother's friends commented on how he looked exactly like him. He hated the name for a long time but had come to accept it. Adrian had been the name his parents had ultimately chosen but after his grandfather passed on they had considered the name Ashram. But when he lived with his grandmother his nickname around the house was Ashram.

Are you lost my darling? Or did you come here seeking me?

"Where am I?" he asked, staring at the woman in front of him.

Then you came here without knowing? Not many people can reach spirits in the dream world. They usually wake up when they see us.

"I don't understand." he said, watching her.

It was strange. His grandmother spoke to him, but at the same time her lips didn't move. Her voice came from where she stood, not in his mind, or all around him. But no matter how much he watched her lips she didn't move them.

When people sleep they are more open to the spiritual world. Many come to us in dreams to ask for forgiveness, others to seek answers. I had thought you would be able to come to me without reflex. Why are you here my little Ashram?

"I don't know why I'm here. Normally I'm so sure of what I'm doing. But now I don't even know if I want to complete this anymore. Humanity is going to be the deciding factor in this war. But none of the people can even imagine the potential they have. How can I unite them?" he asked, watching her.

My little one, you must not give up. I don't want you to die, my little Ashram. But I will support you no matter what. But you must make peace with the choices you make. There are only so many things you can control in this universe. All you can do is walk your path and stand by your choices darling.

"I'm so scared..."

You have no reason to feel fear my dear. You can be as powerful as you set your mind to. As you said, Humanity will be the deciding factor in this war. You have to prove that humans can hold their own in the universe. But you're not alone my darling. Now go and do what you can. I know you, Adrian. You wont lose.

He sat up, in his makeshift bed, frowning as he looked around. Sunlight was slipping in from the holes in the roof of his home. That had to be the strangest dream he'd ever had. His grandmother had actually encouraged him to destroy humanity? Now that was strange. His grandmother would have scolded him like nobody's business if she'd found he was doing anything like this. But nobody ever accused every dream of being sane.

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PostSubject: Re: Ashram(Closed)   Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:01 am

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