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 Hitoshi Jiseki (S)

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Surreal SaDiablo
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PostSubject: Hitoshi Jiseki (S)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:22 am

Age: Young Adult
Height: Mid
Weight: Slim, Mid

Alignment: Neutral
Motivating Factor: Progression, Honor
Role model: Father

Kingdom Alignment: Kyrotoshi
Current Location: Kyrotoshi

Class: Wevit
Natural bonus: STR, DEF, and SPD

Heritage: Hitoshi Family, Warlord Rulers of Kyrotoshi
Father: Hitoshi Kyrojin
Elder Brother: Hitoshi Toshiue (27)
Younger Brother: Hitoshi Rinji (19)
Wife: Reitosuru - Hitoshi Yukina


Titles: Prince, Magistrate (Belcia), Danshaku (Duke), Council, Shukun (Lord), Veteran (Saga), Contender (Saga), Welloft, Dragonslayer (Saga), Sensei, Slayer of Beasts, Mass Murderer

Job Title: Aristocrat

Money: 6,285 gs
Starting Gear Type: Basic Sword

Member Battles
Wins: 10
Losses: 1
Draws: 1
Kills: 4

Character Theme Music
Theme - Linkin Park "Faint" (link)
Fighting (Offensive) - FFAC "Tatakau Monotachi"
Fighting (Defensive) - Skillet "Rebirthing"
Happy - Sambomaster "Sekaiha Sorewo Aito Yobunda Ze"
Before a Transformation - Linkin Park "One Step Closer"
After a Transformation - Linkin Park "What I've Done"

T r a n s f o r m a t i o n s

:: Ketsueki no Hitoshi (Blood of Hitoshi) ::
:: Shinomurai ::
:: Impermeable Mist ::
:: Kame-shade ::

L i m i t B r e a k

:: Kokorozashi-satsu (A) ::
:: Jinkai (B) ::
:: Novapsi (C) ::

C u s t o m I n t r o

:: Coldasice ::

C u s t o m A b i l i t y

:: Kai's Embrace ::

P e s s i a h

Name: Mugenkai
Type: Hawk
Element: Ice

S i t e E v e n t s

A Test of Strength
Tsurugi Tournament
There Will Be Blood
A Warrior's Requiem
Dark Eclipse
Destruction and Creation

Q u e s t s

Municipal Programs (14)
Good Deed (10)
Political Science Studies (5)
Personal Trainer (6)
Limit Break (3)
Transunlock (3)
Home Guardian (3)
Officer Creation (2)
Town Hall (2)
Activist (2)
Building an Army (4)
Character Unlocking
Town Hero (2)
Tome of Illusion
Profighter Circuit
Breaking Limits
Offensive Induction
Essence of the Feranbirt
Mystic Aura
Specialist Acquisition
Ultriyn Ascension
Evil Deed (2)
Military Skills
Saints Asylum

Q u e s t T e c h n i q u e s

Weapon Bond
Phoenix Rush
Mystic Aura
Atmospheric Exert
Blessed Armor

J o b D u t i e s

Aristocrat (27)
Level: 20
EXP: 104,043
Bin: 18
Rank: S (

Attribute Capacity: Unnatural

Strength. . . . . Mystic +++. . . . . 16
Defense. . . . . Average ++. . . . . 6 (+2)
Magic. . . . . Weak +. . . . . 0
Magic Defense. . . . . Average +. . . . . 6
Speed. . . . . Mystic ++. . . . . 14 (+2)
Swiftness. . . . . Mystic +. . . . . 16
Charge. . . . . Average +. . . . . 6

T e c h n i q u e s
.Weapon (Unorthodoxy)
Slash (C,B), Thrust (C,B), Bash (C), Project (C), Unorthodoxy (C,B), Dual Wield (B), Sword Arrow (B,A), Barbarian's Swing (B), Hurling Crusher (B), Shining Strike (B,A), XXY Barrage (B,A), Thunder Basher (B,A)

Fighting (Brawling)
Jab (C), Punch (C), Kick (C), Sweep (C), Haymaker (B), Headbutt (B), Bash (B,A), Shining Fist (A)

Block (C), Weight Shift (C), Guard (C,B), Arcane Sensing (C,B), Parry (B), Strength Exert (A), Swift Evasion (B), Counter (A), Focused Guard (A), Illusionary Evasion (A)

Callout (C), Flight (C), Swift Running (C), Physical Bash (C), Elemental Strike (C,B), Powered Second Form (B), Double Attack (B), Omega Bash (B), Elemental Wall (B,A), Elemental Blast (B, A), Elemental Burst (A), Ultimate Form (A), Unite (A), Final Form (S)

Stat Boosting
Adrenaline Rush (C), Turtle Shell (C,B,A), Thunderrun (B), Eye Adaptation (B), Resurrect (B)
Shadowflash (A), Clearance (A), Silent Strike (A), Witherstrike (A)

Strategic (Sab)
Cloud Hike (B), Simple Combine (A), Delayed Attack (B)

M a s t e r y T e c h n i q u e s
Mastery Slot Completion: MAX

Noble Presence (C), Crusader's Bash (B), Excalibur (B), Second Wind (B), Shield Whirl (B), Paladin's Lance (A), Holy Shield (A), Radiant Judgment (A), Heavenly Judgment (A), Holy Slash (A)

Disarm (C), Pao (B), Flacidstrike (B), Keiyou (B), Hireki (B), Reveal (B), Shadow Warp (B), Mimi no Koumori (B), Metsuki no Neko (B), Akumachi (A), Mimicry (A), Cloaking (A), Psuedo Clones (A), Palm Kido (A), Kao (A)

H o m e G u a r d i a n

Favre (Belcia)
Tonking (Ft. Honkyochi)
Epic Guardian (Mayonaka)

W e a p o n r y / A r m o r y / I t e m s

[ Glossy Halo ]
[ Goliath's Cape (+2 Def) ]
[ Dark ElvArm (A) ]
- Back: [ Devil Wings, Shadowbeast Naginata (A) ]
- Waist: [Stamina Sash, Chaos Katana (A) x2, Onyx Shadoeblade (S) ]
[ Holy Wrappings, Chanel Ring, Engagement Ring ]
[ Speed Slippers (+2 Spd) ]

Hidden in clothing:
Elixir x2, Destructive Tags x8, Antidote, Phoenix Serum x3, Angelbroke Teleorb, Sonkai Kanshu x4, Seal Tag, Elixir of Det'Naw

Curved Blade (C), Shining Kata (B), Halberd (C), Broken Pole (B), Turtle Shield (C), Toorima Plushie, Dark Knight Helm

- Baby's Room: Antiwarping Seal Set, Warp Tag, Bunny Ears, Cutless Tress

O O C / M a t c h m a k i n g
Msn messenger address: Kariya_Sama@hotmail.com

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Surreal SaDiablo
Ascended Tonberry

Number of posts : 3123
Points : 3
Rep! : 257
Registration date : 2009-01-03

PostSubject: Re: Hitoshi Jiseki (S)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:23 am

T r a n s f o r m a t i o n s
:: Ketsueki no Hitoshi (Blood of Hitoshi) ::
A heritage transformation that stems from Hitoshi Kyrojin’s insane bloodlust. It encompasses the user in a heavy shroud of mist that covers the user's body in close range. After the mist hides the body, it fades away to both sides very quickly as it reveals the user. In the first stage it increases the abilities of the medium while causing them to become more aggressive than normal. In the second stage, a reddish tint covers the vision of the user as their abilities are further augmented by the lust to kill. In the final stage, it causes the person to black out completely unless willfully controlled; the person will then lash out at all targets with the intent to kill.
Effects: Strength and Swiftness | Max Stage: 3 (Max) | T-EXP: 113

:: Shinomurai ::
Encompasses the user in a heavy shroud of mist that covers the user's body in close range. After the mist hides the body, it fades away to both sides very quickly as it reveals the user.
Effects: Speed and Swiftness | Max Stage: 3 (Max) | T-EXP: 32

:: Impermeable Mist

A transformation that causes a dark shade to pulse on the users body making him to appear dark, then normal in random intervals. While in his form, the user will automatically deflect magic attacks projected to it.
Effects: Spells less effective, Reflect status | Max Stage: 1 (Max) | T-EXP: 7

:: Kame-shade
Jiseki's child hood training with Shade begins to manifest itself as he grows into an adult. The only outward change in appearance is a dark shadow cloak that covers Jiseki's body and protects him while his father's blood increases his speed.
Effect: Speed and Magic Defense | Max Stage: 1 | T-EXP: 0
L i m i t B r e a k
:: Kokorozashi-satsu (A) ::
The surroundings tint with a deep red color. A harsh and heavy pressure is exerted downwards, similar to that of an Ultryn releasing its power. Instead of pure power, the pressure is laced with murderous intent that seeks to rip apart his opponents. For this purpose, destructive red seams manifest in the surrounding area affected by the pressure with the appearance of blood coagulations.
Damage Rating: S

Jinkai (B) ::

An energy attack where Jiseki is able to attack foes with sonic energy. He swings his weapon about and slams it into the ground. Using it as a medium, he channels his energy into the ground through the weapon causes the earth to break at places as columns of light energy raise up in a wide radius about him.
Damage Rating: A

:: Novapsi (C) ::
Jisenki's signature stage 1 limit break that allows him to create a wave of his own energy by slamming his weapon into the ground. Generally, he will spin his halberd over his head to generate kinetic energy before he slams down his blade, or spin in a 360 circle, emitting a damaging shockwave that pushes out from his body in a domelike shape.Damage Rating: B
C u s t o m I n t r o / F X / A b i l i t i e s
:: Coldasice ::
The ground vibrates and large jagged ice pillars raise from the ground with the intense cold creating a slight mist. The large ice pillars burst into thousands of sparkling particles which sparkle down within the mist to reveal Jiseki standing there in the middle of remnants of the jagged ice rock about him.

:: Kai's Embrace (C,B,A) ::
When in the confines of Jiseki's body, his pessiah is able to partially manifest, creating a thick layer of molten ice over his body that buffers against magically based attacks so long as he is not wearing mystic armor.
Effect: +Magic Defense; Type: Skill

::Onyx Shadowblade (S)::
A mysterious dark katana forged from a shard of the Onyx Shadow Dragon's scale. The weapon binds itself to its user and its darkness is difficult to wield. It draws the life from the person who wields it.
Effect: -2% HP per usage post Type: Weapon
P e s s i a h

:: Name ::

:: Type ::

:: Element ::

:: Strengths ::
Magic, Speed, Swift

:: Equipped ::
Mounted Armor (A), Darkness Pendant (A)

L i f e P a t h s
:: Nation: Ongoing (38,224)

:: Nobility: Completed x1 (52,024)
"Tranquility" Sea Side Estate (Greater Belcia)

:: Wealth: Completed

:: Warlord: Completed x2 (117,222)
Takai Shinku
Jiseki's subnational army.

Division 10: Frontlines (5,000)
The main forces of the personal army created for the protection of Belcia and future offspring national efforts.
- Short Weapon Melee
- Stealth

Division 11: Fallback Unit (4,000)
The Rangers of the Takai Shinku.
- Ranged
- Stealth

Division 12: The Mystics (2,700)
The mage forces of the Tenkai Shinku.
- Earth Arcane
- Wind Arcane

Division 13: Support (2,000)
- Healing/Support
- Siege

Ketsueki no Hitoshi (Stage III)

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Hitoshi Jiseki (S)
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