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 Metsuki Naito ~

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PostSubject: Metsuki Naito ~   Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:44 pm

Note: Wally / Griff recruited me. :0

General Information
Name: Metsuki Naito
Alternate Ego: Hana Kamen
Theme Song: Gravity – Maaya Sakamoto
MSN Messenger:
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Peter Pansexual
- Appearance: Metsuki is a tall, slender young man whose movements and postures aptly reflect his cunning personality and serene sense of self. He treats both his body and mind like a temple, and as such, his skin is smooth, vibrant, and without blemish. He doesn’t usually bother combing his hair, though, but somehow, it always seems to fall into place.
Residential Location: Lower Commons
Visited Locations: Lower Commons
- Temperament: Metsuki is, at heart, a calm man who conducts himself in a suave, elegant manner. He has a knack for both style and subtlety, and he is very meticulous about everything he does. His delicate mannerisms, however, do not stem from egomania, but from a deep sense of justice – and a hatred of all things evil - that he reveals only when he assumes the identity of the Masked
Family Life: As the estranged heir of the Naito crime/circus family, Metsuki is involved in a bitter rivalry with his sister, Haman, who killed his beloved grandmother upon the orders of their parents, who have since ‘mysteriously disappeared,’ presumably upon the maniacal whims of their power hungry daughter. He harbors no feelings whatsoever toward his remaining relatives, who work under the banner of his sister’s criminal corporation, and instead views them as he views everyone else he believes has been corrupted by complacency: expendable.
- Interests: Metsuki possesses a passion for one thing and one thing only: justice. His goal in life is to liberate humanity from complacency and to compel mankind to free itself from the shackles of both the demonic and secular forces that keep it down. In spite of his serious attitude, however, he does enjoy some of the niceties that life has to offer, like dancing, stargazing, and elegant music, but most of his interests exist only because they fit into his plan for human freedom.

Residential Location: Lower Commons
Visited Locations: Lower Commons
Jobs: High School Student, Vigilante
Pay: $875
Member Rivals: None
Organization: None
Pocket Funds: $0
Saving Funds: $0
Equipment: None
Storage: None
Class: Lower
Housing: Sketchy single room apartment
Transportation: Shining red tricycle

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Kills: 0

Saga Participation: Nonexistent
Quest s Completed: None

Race: Human
Type: Hitorinji
Affinity: Physical
Experience Points: 0
JC: 0
PWC: 0
Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Attribute Strength: Average


Transformations: none
Quest Abilities: None
Custom Abilities: None
Physical Techniques: Fighting
(Martial Arts – Honed)
Magical Techniques: None
Combine Techniques: None
Custom Techniques: None

Born to the Naito crime/circus family on a cold autumn’s night, Metsuki was raised for the sole purpose of becoming heir to his clan’s deceptive criminal syndicate. He was taught all of the skills any successor to such a business would have been taught – juggling, taming elephants, ruthlessly murdering anyone who stood in the way of his family’s money– and was instructed to kill any and all of his rivals while they were still young. Metsuki’s grandmother, however, was a devoutly religious woman who abhorred the path that the rest of her family had taken and showed her grandson, in secret, that there was more to life than violent egoism. She told him stories about Japanese mythos—stories that she held as truths--and showed him kindness as no one else he’d ever met had. She also allowed him to foster friendships with other children his age, and even taught him about the supernatural, a subject his parents had forbidden him from ever studying. Years passed, and for a while, Metsuki was able to experience a small slice of happiness every week, when his grandmother took him out while his parents were gone. One day, however, their secret was discovered, and Metsuki’s parents sent one of their agents out to kill the old woman. She displayed martial skill unlike anyone Metsuki had ever seen before, but was instantly put into a coma when the agent transformed into a monstrous being and cut her face open in cold blood. From then on, Metsuki refused to do any of his parents’ bidding. He was kept away from his grandmother and beaten daily, but remained firm in his resolve, for there was no way he could ever continue to work as a traitor to the human race – a traitor who dealt with the devil and his minions all for the sake of money. The abuse continued for a year, and only came to a halt when his sister, Haman, was born. At that point, his parents had become infuriated, as they had wanted a man to inherit their business, not a woman. In spite of their aversion, however, they trained Haman as they had Metsuki, and as the years went by, she became the ideal criminal agent. Metsuki tried to nurture and guide his sister as he grandmother had tried to help him, but his parents forced him to work as the masked acrobat and ringmaster Hana Kamen by threatening him with his sister’s death. Begrudgingly, he assumed the role of the Masked Flower and worked for crumbs while his family raised his sister to serve his cousin, who was to become the heir of the syndicate in his stead. The work was both arduous and deadly, as they had gained fame as a circus that did not use nets, but he slaved away until he had come of age and could see his grandmother, who had since awoken from her coma, again.

But on that day, something terrible happened. As he made his way into his grandmother’s hospital room after work, he witnessed his sister, whom he had, up until that point, pitied, pull the plug on his beloved grandmother.
Furious, he leapt at his sister in his ringmaster garb and dueled her until they were both near death. At that point, a security guard intruded upon their fight and tried to capture Metsuki, who had started
the fight, by forcing his arms behind his back and restraining his movement. The criminal acrobat, however, was able to maneuver his way out of the guard’s grasp and escape the hospital using the tricks he had learned during the time he had spent training to become heir to the Naito family. Before he left, however, he swore to his sister that he would awaken humanity from its complacency and prepare mankind to do battle with the demons and traitorous people who kept it enslaved. He promised to serve justice wherever and whenever it was required of him, and he vowed to take his family’s organization down as the hidden man they had forced him to be – Hana Kamen, the Masked Flower.
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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Naito ~   Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:04 pm

bio'll be up w/ur first update, ur free to rp

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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Naito ~   Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:07 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Naito ~   Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:18 pm

Welcome to the site!
Feel free to ask any questions and join any thread not marked [closed] X3
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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Naito ~   

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Metsuki Naito ~
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