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 Spirit Awareness

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PostSubject: Spirit Awareness   Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:42 pm

It was the day his grandmother died that Adrian discovered that he was able to see ghosts. The day haunted his memory for years, despite the various things that had happened to him later in life. But no matter what happened, no matter how many times he went in search of the spirit of his sister, or his parents, he never found them. His grandmother had told him not to worry about her because she was at peace, and he knew better than to disturb that peace. He had encountered his fair share of good and evil spirits, and had learned much from them. There was very little out there that couldn't be taken care of when it came to spirits. And he knew how to help spirits that needed it. At least he knew if they told him what they wanted.

As a child he had never found himself in a bad place. He was always looking on the bright side of anything that ever happened. If he didn't get something he knew that there was a reason and that he could always save up for it. His parents did everything they could for him and his sister. Everything they needed was supplied, and sometimes the things they wanted. They weren't well off but they weren't dirt poor either. His parents knew exactly how to budget the family so they could get by with a little extra in reserve for emergencies or even for family vacations. At this stage in his life he was blissfully unaware of the spiritual realm, and of course, angels and demons. But everything changed on the worst day of his life.

His family had gathered at an uncle's home for a party. It wasn't a holiday, though the family had gotten together. It had been his grandmother's sixty-seventh birthday and they had gathered together to celebrate. He had just turned five. He loved playing soldier with his friends. Maybe that's what lead up to the accident. He had been playing soldier with his older cousins and his sister. He had been sneaking through his uncle's office, finding the older man's gun cabinet unlocked. His uncle didn't have any children and often went out to shoot a gun with his friends.

He opened a small leather case, finding his uncle's gun. He didn't know it wasn't a toy. But that was the ignorance of a child. He took the gun with him, smirking as he spotted his sister, sneaking through a hall. Raising it he pulled the trigger, ready to make the 'bang' sound. With the sound of an explosion ringing in his ears he dropped the heavy 'toy', covering his ears. He stumbled a bit and fell on his ass before looking up. He saw it. His sister was slumped against a wall, blood covering her body., and eyes wide open in what appeared to be terror. The bullet had passed through her and broken the grandfather clock against the wall.

That was the day everything changed. Something snapped in him. When the human mind goes through a traumatic experience, especially at a young age, it compensates. Immediately shutting down it blocked that memory from his mind. After the party he only remembered going home with his grandmother to stay with her for the weekend. Compensating again his mind filled in the absence of his sister, by telling him she'd gone home with his parents.

His grandmother had known what happened. She had seen the evil spirit fleeing her son's home. And had taken him home with her to insure he would be well. It would be days before she got word of what happened to her daughter and son-in-law. After hearing of them cracking she told her grandson they had died, with his sister. That day she took him in and began telling him of her experiences with the spiritual realm. She watched the boy grow into a man, taking her life lessons to heart. She had learned them through experience, but he seemed to learn her lessons from her stories.

On his sixteenth birthday he went home from school, to visit his grandmother, since she'd asked him to come. He was surprised to see her waiting for him at the door when he entered.

“Adrian my boy, you have grown into a fine young man. But you should know that beyond this world is one of extreme power. There are beings you will find out there, powerful and meek. But never forget who you are. You're my grandson. And you will always be loved.” she said. “Let me go get some tea, sit down in the living room.”

He did as he was asked, sitting in the living room, waiting for the elderly woman. He knew better than to argue with her. She always got her way. As he sat there waiting he heard Naomi enter the room.

“Adrian.. I have bad news.” she said. “I'm sorry. Your grandmother passed on this morning.”

“That's not funny. I saw her just a few moments ago.” he said, standing.

He entered the kitchen, not seeing her, before he searched the home.

“The only reason I'm still here is because we couldn't reach you at school. I'm sorry.” Naomi said.

For the second time in his life everything changed for Adrian. He saw things he didn't normally see. He wasn't sure what had been done, but he knew his grandmother knew all about it. He left, after meeting with her lawyer. He went home with a key to a storage center she had left him. As was a simple charm, a coma shaped sapphire on a small chain. Returning home, he dropped onto his bed.

“Now, now, you should be careful. That charm will help you ward off evil spirits.” came his grandmother's voice.

“What? Grandma?” he asked, standing suddenly as he looked around quickly.

“Relax. I'm here... Don't look for me Adrian. I'm at peace my boy. You can see things because you've become spiritually aware. I was born spiritually aware. And every day I saw spirits. You'll see them now too. You'll have to find ways to live with it dear. It's not as bad as you may come to think it is. Never lose hope my boy.” she said.

Since then he has searched for his parents and sister in spiritual form.

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PostSubject: Re: Spirit Awareness   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:04 am

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Spirit Awareness
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