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 LittleMariko's Characters

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Ascended Tonberry

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PostSubject: LittleMariko's Characters   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:55 pm

Mytza "Dawn" Jables

Age: adolescent
Height: short
Weight: slim

Alignment: neither
Motivating Factor: food

Kingdom Alignment: Unaffiliated
Current Location:
Class: Kinos
Titles: --
Job Title: --
Money: 0
Starting Gear Type: Ring

Level: 1
EXP: 0608
Rank: C (Beginner)
Attribute Capacity: Weak, Average
Stat Strength Points
Strength Weak 0
Defense Weak 0
Magic Average 6
Magic Defense Weak 0
Speed Weak 0
Swiftness Average 6
Charge Average 6
. Bin: 22

]Site Events Participated In:

Quests Completed:
- None

Job Duties Completed:

SIC Participated In:
- None

Class Techniques:
Sandy Eyes [C]
Slowaga [C]
Ground Bind [C]
Sand Bullets [C]
Sandarmor [C]
Earthwall [C]

Mastery Training Techniques:
Mastery Slot Completion:
0 [0/10]

Limit Break:

- Equipped: [ Ring (C) ]
- Equipped:
Crown (Head): [ none ]
Visage (Face): [ none ]
Neck: [ none ]
Trailing (Shoulders): [ none ]
Hands: [ none ]
Full body (Arms, Legs, Torso): [ none ]
Back: [ none ]
Girth (Waist, Midsection): [ none ]
Legs/feet: [ none ]
- Storage: [ None ]
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Ascended Tonberry

Number of posts : 3978
Location : Someone's head.
Points : 12
Rep! : 82
Registration date : 2009-01-02

PostSubject: Re: LittleMariko's Characters   Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:06 pm

Tyde DeMorte

age: young adult
height: medium (5'3")
weight: slim
alignment: evil
motivation: love and justice
role model: Zasyn
Character Theme Music
kingdom: Det'Hai
class: sabrian
heritage: Krys x Imetri
title: seductress, contender (saga), Small Business Owner
job: vagrant
money: 16,195gs
starting gear: basic sword
wins: none
draws: 1
losses: none

level: 14
exp: 35,001 (3,192)
rank: A
attribute cap: Mystic
strength: mystic++ (16)
speed: strong+ (11)
swift: strong+ (12)
magic: strong (11)
defense: weak
magic def: weak
charge: weak
bin: 3

Class Packages
martial melee: Feral combat, Slapjab [C], Sweeptrip [C],
Strike [C, B], Swift Strikes [C], Bite [C], Slash [C], Ribblow [C], Critical Bash [B], Spincopter [B]
body attachments: Untamed Features [C, B], Toughskin [C, B]
(style 1) Weengrowth [C]
(style 5) Arachnid Extensions [C,B], Venom Stinger [C], Webbing [B], Wall Climb [B]
(style 6) Gills [B], Swift Swim [B]
energius: Shingai Shield [C], Energy Shot [C], Anti-Weapon Channelling [B], Rapid Blasts [B], Energy Beam [B], Triple Blast [B]
Mastery Training
Ferality- Tracking [B]
Red Mage- Itchy [B], Weaken [B] Sicken [C]
Limit Break
Site Events : A Test of Strength, Tsurugi Tournament, Reclamation, A Warrior's Requiem, Destruction and Creation
SICs : Red Dragon
quest record: Realm of the Succubus, Business Practices, Town Hero x2, Good Deed, Pet Campaign x4, Pet Upgrade x4, Nether Injection, Good Deed, Evil Deeds x2, Random Violence, Tomb of Oscillation
quest techniques: Succubus Charm, Demonic Transformation
job record: Vagrant x4

Path: [ Business: 25,492 ]

weapon: none
head: Ring of Oscillation
shoulders: none
body: Yokai Kimono [B]
hands: none
feet: none

Pet Roster
name: Gryndel - species: large ice rat - rank: B - attacks: ice strike, tail whip, scratch, bite
name: Reuben - species: large ash rat - rank: B - attacks: upchuck, tail whip, scratch, gnaw
name: Stinky - species: large wind rat - rank: B - attacks: wind break, tail whip, scratch, gnaw
species: dire flea - rank: B

Shock Collar, Toorima Plushie, Angelbroke Teleorb, Destructive Tag, Sonkai Kanshu, Phoenix Serum x2, Potion x2, Elixir of Det'Naw

Small Shop
Freighter x2

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LittleMariko's Characters
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