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 A little bit of shopping

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PostSubject: A little bit of shopping   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:54 am

Once again, the kami known as Atilla walked through the woods, ever vigilant and alert. Sadly, both of her present forms had their drawbacks. In her mouse form, she was liable to be eaten by anything, and in her human form she was liable to be raped by anything. Perhaps she could've gotten her main friend in this world to follow her out here, but with the somewhat hostile nature of the people she'd come out here to meet, she couldn't be one hundred percent sure he wouldn't be attacked, and it wouldn't really do for him to be setting the salespeople on fire.
Nonetheless, she'd healed a crow yokai of his broken wing out in the lower commons and through much effort and pleading and bringing up that a cat would've eaten him without her intervention, she was able to get the contact information of a ninja, a ninja who knew a salesman who would get her the thing she sought. He'd even been so kind to eventually agree to carry him the message. Shortly, he'd returned with good news and a meeting place.
Though she stood near the very lip of the forests, she still jumped at every sound, always looking over her shoulder and dismally calculating the distance from here to the nearest cardboard shanty of the Lower Commons and coming up short.
Her fear wouldn't have to last long, however, as soon a man's voice addressed her. He was perched unnaturally atop an old snag and his voice was quiet and calm, but still confident, like a summer's breeze in its inflections. "You would be Atilla, the kamikonjou?"
He couldn't make it much more obvious that he only thought her kind a few steps above the wicked spirits he slaughtered by the dozens every morning, but she attempted to seem friendly if for no other reason than to represent her species in a positive light. "This is her."
The ninja never dropped his gaze from hers as he searched his pocket, withdrawing a wrinkled piece of parchment. "Oh, you ordered the sword."
"It's for a friend..." she said, almost apologetically as the seller left his perch and walked towards her, taking a long package from the considerable pile on his back and unwrapping it.
The hilt flashed, newly exposed to the sunlight. It was a beautiful piece of workmanship, an elaborate Asian-style design on the sheath. As he drew the weapon from the sheathe, she saw a vein of amber running through the blade near the dull edge. Tilting the weapon in the sunlight, the man seemed satisfied and resheathed it, putting it back in the package and handing it to her. "That yellow stuff will hold blessings for you longer than a normal sword would allow. You can contact me again if you want it blessed, it'll be two thousand."
The little light spirit reached out happily to receive the package. "Thank you, Ninja-sama..." she said, bowing slightly and walking backwards. "The blessings of Bleaus on you and your village."
Now, her nerves frayed somewhat by being in the dangerous woods for the amount of time she had, she turned and ran and ran and did not stop until she was safe among the crumbling projects.

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PostSubject: Re: A little bit of shopping   Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:19 pm

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A little bit of shopping
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