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 Coming Into the Spotlight

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PostSubject: Coming Into the Spotlight   Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:15 am

A calm look was on the visage of Sakura moved along happily along the city streets as she remembered her night with Nightingale in this place. A sad smile slid onto her visage as she thought about it. Yes, she had really loved that bird, despite the way that she had hurt Sakura. She had decided to check that area just to see how much physical damage remained in the area. In her hands lay a small bundle, though she moved to a store first. She looked around until she found what she wanted. A nod of the head and she pulled out her small wallet. Although it might seem unusual, she had no money, but a pass for the weapon. She smiled lightly and placed the ticket towards the counter. That is, until the shop got a sudden wind. A sigh slid her lips before Sakura smiled at the man, "Sorry, but I think something you don't want just entered your shop. Please let me deal with it, sir. I'll clean up the mess that is about to occur."

The man looked at her wordlessly- until something appeared in the store, as it attempted to grab weapons that were on the wall. Sakura placed her hand to her side as Ayame fazed into existance. The man just stood there, unable to speak. The nakomimi demoness released a low sigh as she asked calmly, "Oh, come now. If you were just a bit stronger you could kill that on your own, Sakura chan," a shrug slipped off of her shoulders and then she said, "Oh well. I'll try not to make a mess that can't be cleaned up."

The shop owner just looked confused all over and Sakura giggled a bit when he just fell over. Sakura looked over at the grotesque demon and said in a different, aggressive tone, "Sorry, Oni, but it's time for you to die. Your life is to be given up- too bad you didn't come to the academy. Ayame, eliminate it."

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Coming Into the Spotlight
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