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 Starting Gear Acquisition Quest. Some fool game Dwem a gun with Bullets

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PostSubject: Starting Gear Acquisition Quest. Some fool game Dwem a gun with Bullets   Tue May 12, 2009 11:13 pm

Jonathon was moving through the house as he was running a bit late for school. Considering all that was going on of late his parents insisted that he get a ride from their private car. Rolling his eyes Jonathon simply took his book bag and went about his merry way behind his escort bodyguard and personal driver. He simply called the man strutted. Because he seemed to like to strut his stuff as he walked.

Gelding over the door and waited for Jonathon to get in the car. Smiling the man simply looked at him for a moment while he stood at the car rear passenger side door.

“Al’right little Prince I know you rather be with your friends but I have my job and your parent will fire my ass if you get hurt. So do me a favor and get in the car. “

As Jonathon simply shrugged and got into the car the door was closed behind him and his driver got in the front a few moments later. Taking a book out he noticed a velvet package on the seat next to where he placed his backpack. Not nearly caring what was in it opened a book to study a bit.

The car started up and started moving when the Driver called back to him though the intercom. Your mother got you something she wants you to keep with you at all times.

Gelding looked up at the mirror to make sure Jonathon was listening to what he said. Though it appeared he was not. The man could tell by the rolling of his eyes he heard what was said. However, he was going to get it through the boy’s thick skull one way or another even if he had to choke it into it.

The car moved along as the Sedan was gliding along the road towards its destination. As he seemed intent in his book he noticed that the car was coming to a stop at the train station where he was normally allowed to ride the train to his school. Standing there were his friends. Smiling Jonathon opened the door and put the felt covered box in the front with Gelding and his books into the back when the driver opened up the car trunk. Once there backpack were put in they were shown to the door where Gelding opened it for him.

Looking around Gelding saw the box in the front passenger seat and shook his head. After they got in he closed the door. His three friends were always with him when they were allowed. Kent, Denther and Megumi all playfully teased Jonathon messing up his hair and calling his the little Prince.

“Hey nice sweet ride Little Prince. Can we hitch a ride or did our Mom and dad get one for each of us. “

Laughing openly Jonathon became less tense as he eased up and they were chatting over different various things now. The car started up again and smoothly made its way down the road going much faster. Taking a turn onto the main street towards the Highway that would take them from the northern heights to the Academic district.

The seemed to pick up speed and moved through the streets of the northern heights and soon onto the high way towards the academic district. Looking around the four seemed more interested in the view now as it seemed Jonathon acted different around them. As he placed the box into the small drawer pushed it back.

Gelding his friend curiosity would get the better of them, as Megumi was clearly the cat of the moment. Opening the door pulled out the box and opening the red felt box before Jonathon had the time to do anything. Inside was a slick brand new Hakaisha Pistol. The automatic pistol was in a Grey Ivory and black pearl decorated grip. Along the side of the gun were two eight round clips for the gun.

Looking up at Jonathon Megumi picked it up and took it out of its holster as she took a clip into her hand. Placing the clip into the gun and placed a round into the chamber before she slid it into its holster. Reaching over Megumi placed the holster on his shoulder and strapped it on him. Rolling his eyes but allowing it she playfully mocked him. Looking at the card inside the felt box she read it.

((Dear sweet heart. I know you would consider this babying you but I am concerned for your safety. Keep this with you at all times and have it to use if need be. Your safety is the most important thing of all to me. Your Mother. ))

The other two playfully teased him as a ma ma’s boy but Megumi expressed a slight smiled as she fixed his jacket to concealed the presence of the gun. In a few minutes of silence she placed the box away after putting the extra clip in its holder on the holster and put it back into the gap to the front.

“That thing must of cost a nice bit of coin. Man I wish your man is going to get me one to. Hell all of us. After all we could act as bodyguards you know. I will take $1,500 gun as a gift any day. Especially what the words has been turning into of late. “

Holding out her hand smiled at him.

“ I’ll take it if you don’t want it James Bond Junior. Though you could mention you friends need protection as well and hook us up with a sweet gun of our very own. "

Gelding smiled widely as Jonathon gave him the evil look. Arriving at the School they all got out and retreated there book bags before they went on towards their first class which oddly enough they all four were taking. Pushing each other around a bit in there horseplay they seemed back to normal as they seemed impressed his mother got his a sweet gun.

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Gear Acquisition Quest. Some fool game Dwem a gun with Bullets   Wed May 13, 2009 7:38 pm


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Starting Gear Acquisition Quest. Some fool game Dwem a gun with Bullets
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