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 first day of school(open)

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reiki kizoku
reiki kizoku

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PostSubject: first day of school(open)   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:29 pm

reiki's stomach was full of butterflies as she was shooed away by her favorite bulter -mike- and was given a lunchbag. as she rollerbladed down the sidewalk, they called back on the list of things she had to rmember. she put on a happy face and waved goodbye. she turned torward the unseeable school a few blocks away and took a deep breath. " dont get nervouse. its just highschool." she reasoned with herself. bypassing the girls she met during summer vacation.
"reiki-chan! come walk with us!" one of the girls called out. reiki slid to a stop and turned around. rubbing the back of her neck apologetically. "im sorry, i have to get there early before the hall fills up or ifd get squished." before anyone said anything after that, she rushed away from the crowd, her bunny backpack swinging side to side. its stomach heavily laden with books and papers.
she was in front of the school panting. her small hands taking off her mushroom helmet.
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first day of school(open)
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