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 The Firey Acquisition - Flareniel Quest

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PostSubject: The Firey Acquisition - Flareniel Quest   Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:15 am

Flareniel - Seiki
A Fire Elemental with a Destructive area of effect fire spell.
Location: Grasslands far south of the Lower Commons

Water glistens over my body in the steaming cascading over my form and hair as my hands run through my soapy hair and my head rolls dramatically. Reaching forward, I grip the shampoo bottle from the shower enclave and thrust it towards the camera with an alluring look as I speak, “because we’re worth it too…” A loud, “cut!” breaks the air as the director walks forwards in front of the camera yelling, “that’s a wrap, send it to editing. Go get dried off hot stuff.” The sarcastic director walks off as I sigh and my shoulders hang a bit. I had managed to get into a shampoo commercial of all things. I guessed it helped that I had teal hair that was naturally beautiful by default. Still, it was a paycheck and went towards experience in my acting career. One of the stagehands tosses me a towel, which I catch with a “thanks” and proceed in drying off my body and hair. As I attempted to get my body dry, I would slowly be making my way to the locker room where I could dress and change underwear before clocking out and heading home.

After I was finished at the studio, I make the way to my motorcycle in the studio parking lot while pulling on my fur collar leather jacket. I make it to the bike and mount the machine. The springs lower slightly with my weight. Putting the keys into the ignition, I start the engine. It revs loudly a few times before I lift a leg up and look up to head forwards. Just as I do this, I almost fall off of my bike in surprise. Standing in front of my bike, was a large male demon in red robes staring at me with an ominous gaze that pierce my soul. I recognized the demon as one of Natsuki’s body guards, since that’s what I thought his role was. In the past I had only seen him around when I was with Natsuki, so I figured he was one of the large muscle heads hired by her father. “You?…” I say as I cut the engine looking forwards, wondering if something may have happened to Natsuki. The large demon corrects, “Domenyun.” I nod and offer, “okay… Domenyun-san.” He corrects, “sama.” I pause. I sigh and roll my eyes stating, “okay, Domenyun-sama. Is everything okay?” He seems disturbed as he looks to the side in a complicated manner, holding his chin in his palm and stroking his chin as he comments, “I can no longer feel her.” I blink and tilt my head to the side, stating, “huh?” He looks the other way in an unintentional dramatic manner as his hair drifts in the winds, speaking in a stoic voice, “I’ve been disconnected from my master to obtain this freedom…” I raise an eyebrow and comment, “oh, you were fired?” I am ignored as he continues, “I sought her to tell her of something of interest in the grasslands south of the Lower Commons.” I tilt my head the other way as he speaks, asking, “wait what?” He looks to me and comments, “but you are her human, so if you get it, then it will sufficient.” My head straightens, “get what?” He looks down and nods, “yes… that would work fine. This will be my final gift to her for bringing me into this realm. Human let’s go.” My anger boils as I am lost and confused. My head lowers as a hash mark pops on my head before I explode with a raging uppercut to the chin of the demon yelling, “speak clearly you freak of nature.” It ends with me being held in the demon’s large hand a few feet off of the ground by my neck via the demon’s extended arm with my feet dangling as I apologize, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I am dropped whereas I sigh and look back to the demon commands, “I am a demonic spawn brought to life by the one who owns you. I have been released but have come across something that I would allow her to have. Since I cannot find her at the moment, I will allow you to have it since you are hers. Follow me and I shall take you there.” A light bulb flickers lightly over my head as I sit on my bum. My right fist lowers into my left palm as I nod, “oh!” Getting it, I confirm, “so that explains it. You’re a demon that… wait… Natsuki summons demons?” The large male looks to me with a look of annoyance. I stand coolly, dusting myself off before tossing my hair and looking to the side in an male lead manner, “I understand, Domenyun-san. Lead the way and I will assist you in this goal.” The large demon nods and his body breaks apart into dozens of ravens that takes to the sky and being flying south. I blink and nod internally stating that I was happy he told me he was a demon before he went morphing into new forms. My hands come back to the handle bars of my bike as I remount it, rev, and drive off, following the lead of the dark birds as they lead the way south.

The bike revs through the open countryside after exiting the City via the lower commons. It seemed that whatever the large demon found, it was far outside of the city. Of course, during the time of riding, I was thinking about things such as Natsuki being a sdemon summoner, but then again, odder things had happened. After driving far into the grasslands south of the lower commons, the birds descend in elevation before coming near the ground whereas they reform into the form of the large man. He stands and looks around the area as I pull up, coming to a stop behind him. I cut the engine on the bike and dismount it, walking up to the demon and looking around as well. Noticing something, he begins to walk away and I follow behind him. He reaches an area and comments, “fire token, show yourself.” There is a pause where nothing really happens and I look back to my bike, wondering if I had come all the way out here for nothing. Of course, the demon would probably have killed me if I hadn’t come, but I think that maybe I could have taken him out with my kung fu! The ground suddenly begins to shake as Domen looks to me and nods, “now the rest is up to you. I have a human to stalk.” With that, he disintegrates into a swarm of locus and takes back to the skies. I look up blinking before I look around me. A large column of fire rises from the ground like a geyser, scorching the surroundings and making my position rather hot. My arm lifts to guard my face as the fire manifests, but slowly, looking into the flames, I see the silhouette of something within. The flames subside and a deep voice echoes, “so you are my new temporary master?” I lower my arm and look forward before an exclamation point flickers over my head and I notice, “oro?” I jog forward to the center of where the fire power up had occurred and lean forwards with my hands on my knees, slightly crouched over coming face to body with a little red pixie. “Hey little guy!” I smile, “did you cause all that fire just now?” A hash mark covers the fire pixie as he yells, “I am Flareniel, hailed as the god of fire! I am not a little guy!” I blink and tilt my head stating, “but you’re so little… and cute too. Hey, I know!…” I turn my head as I dig into my pocket receiving a piece of candy I got on set before holding it up, “hey want some candy?” The fire pixie yells back, “I am not and no I do not want any… wait… that smell…” Its eyes get all large and watery as it snatches the piece of candy from my hand and hugs it before it start biting on one end of it contently. I crouch with my arms on my knees as I watch it eat. Slightly annoyed by my presence it continues in a dignified manner, “anyway. I am Flareniel the Fire Spirit. I will allow you to utilize my powers once by yelling my name. After I am used once, I will go away.” I nod and agree, “okay, Flary-kun.” Standing, I state, “well, it’s getting late, if you’re coming, I’m heading back to the city.” Floating over the ground, the fire spirit continues to embrace the candy as he offhandedly comments, “mmhmm.” He floats to my shoulder, where he perches and lands before ordering, “ok human, let’s go.” I make my way back to my bike, mount it, start it, rev it, and then go.


"I Am The Solution."
.: Jyn | Seiki | Domen | Paco | Akil | Izuya :.
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PostSubject: Re: The Firey Acquisition - Flareniel Quest   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:42 pm

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The Firey Acquisition - Flareniel Quest
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