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 Moonlit night with the sun goddess

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PostSubject: Moonlit night with the sun goddess   Moonlit night with the sun goddess EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 12:46 am

Though the moonlight should have been entirely impartial, the training field seemed to stand out like a green lake. It was surrounded by darkness. Adrian moved to the center of the field, looking around. He should have been able to see more of the area in the light of the low hanging full moon. He could hear the leaves rustle restlessly in the distance outside of his field of vision. The wind was picking up and it seemed like part of a horror movie to him. He turned slowly, frowning as he waited. His senses told him something was wrong, but he didn't care. Last time he had been out here while training with the demon hunters he'd come across a werewolf. But back then he had been a hot headed youth. Now he was much more capable than he was. At this point he could probably take it on his own.

But he didn't hear the werewolf this time. Then again it had been deep in the Western Woods, much deeper than he was now. However something told him he'd need to be able to defend himself from the unforeseen. He set his feet before he closed his eyes. He drew upon the energy within him, drawing it from the base of his spine, the center of power that the Spiritual Arts drew upon. He breathed slowly before exhaling as he smiled. His eyes opened as he stared into the distance of the darkness. As his mouth opens no sound comes. Instead a woman's voice echoes through the darkness around him.

Tall and beautiful Adrian can just barely make her out through the ink of the night around him. Yet he could see the mist of her breath rise from her pale painted lips. Stepping forward into the perfect ring of light, revealing her full face to him. Her golden blond strands of hair billow in the soft wind as she moves forward., Her eyes a deep shade of pure amethyst seem to glow as she takes in the trainee in front of her. Her body is hidden under red and white robes, the robes of the traditional Shinto priestess. But as she walks toward him, his blood runs cold. She's familiar yet at the same time not. As if someone he had only met in a dream. She appears to be human but she is not just a woman anymore. She is a goddess.

Before his eyes others begin moving from the darkness. But they are faceless. Those that serve her gather around her and offer their powers to aid her. The very waters of rivers and lakes meets the crashing waves of the ocean. The bright fires of war meet the dark chaos of destruction. The sword of the skies meets the blazing electric sting of lightning. While love and time both fight for a greater good, and through both peace prevails. For it is love that binds them. The love of her, and the time that they have invested in her protection and service, forsaking all else.

"Pitiful creature of darkness. What kind of life have you known?" she asked, watching him.

Adrian was frozen in place. It was all he could do to keep breathing as her protectors began circling him. His eyes narrowed as he glanced from one to another. His eyes constantly shifting as they began taking human faces. People he knows. His eyes shift back to the goddess in front of him, frowning as he felt his body released from whatever kept him from moving. But when he turned to her he was surprised to see her face was only a few inches away from his own.

"I am no creature of darkness." he countered, frowning at her as he leaned back a bit.

"Then why do you fight the light in your spirit? You refuse to draw upon the strength I have given you. Instead you draw upon the strength of the Oni." she warned.

"I don't understand. I have Goranova! I am the Emerald Champion!" he said.

"You are the obsidian champion. Nothing like the Jade Champion, let alone the Emerald Champion. Be you a Kami or an Oni, you must choose."

"I am a Human. I walk the middle ground. I live below Heaven but above Hell. Who the HELL are you to tell me I must be one or the other! There IS a middle ground. So why have you come? Are you here to judge me? Or are you here to tell me to die and get it over with?"

"You wish to know if you go to Heaven or Hell? That is up to you. Never forget where your strength comes from. I'm here to warn you that the path you walk is a shadowed road. Darkness and light can never be apart, nor can they be combined."

"So which are you? Lady Moon or Lady Sun?"

Her pale lips curled into a smile as she watched him. Her eyes narrowed as she watched him Her hand reached out and stroked his cheek before she shook her head and walked away. Her minions expanded their circle as they continued around. Vanishing into the darkness they giggled. The golden haired goddess stopped and glanced over her shoulder toward him.

"Walk the path you choose. But once you fall off that path, returning to it will never be easy." she said, before vanishing.


But she was gone now. He froze, hearing a growling noise behind him. Turning he frowned, his eyes scanning the darkness until he saw the bright red eyes watching him from the darkness. The wolf lunged forward, claws tearing and jaw snapping. As the jaws sank into his throat he sat up in bed panting hard as he sat there, his eyes wide, his fingers clutching at the sheets of his bed. He panted lightly as he sat there, sweat falling down his face as he let his eyes close as the adrenaline pumped from his system slowly

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PostSubject: Re: Moonlit night with the sun goddess   Moonlit night with the sun goddess EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 1:12 am

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Moonlit night with the sun goddess
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