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 The master of the Shadowlands(closed)

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PostSubject: The master of the Shadowlands(closed)   Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:19 pm

He ran through the woods, fleeing as quickly as his legs would carry him. He had to report back to his masters on what he'd seen. He had to tell them the identity of the demon only known as the mythic dragon of darkness, Fu Leng. He knew and he had to get away to tell them. He had seen the ritual, had seen Adrian remove his mask and identify himself among the demons. He had been watching from the shadows, sent to watch the ritual being performed. To see what would happen. He'd seen Adrian summon the creature forth, and seen the Sword of light in his possession!

"I have to tell them. I have to let them know that he's back. How'd he escape the seal, it doesn't make sense. I know we sealed him away! Dammit, how did he get out?!"

"I escaped because of Mizuho." Adrian responded, keeping up with the other man.

The spy lept up and away, kicking off the trunk of a tree, throwing himself down another direction. Adrian just smirked behind his mask, and shot forward keeping up as if without effort. He moved with his arms extended back behind him the sleeves of his Yakuta flailing behind him as he went. He grinned, giving chase, not willing to let up at all.

"Mizuho would never have freed him! Dammit even he wasn't so stupid as to let him loose." he said, fleeing.

"But she wasn't stupid. She was in love. And that love was returned. Never underestimate the power of love over a woman's heart." he said, appearing beside the spy.

"Damn! HE'S HERE!" he shouted.

Adrian spun, his arm drawing the Devil's Teardrop from his hip at the same time. He used the momentum of the spin to draw his blade, cutting the spy's head off as they went. His body shifted as he kicked off the ground. He grinned, several shuriken striking the headless corpse of the spy. Landing in a crouch he threw himself into a roll, a smirk on his face as he disappeared around a tree.

"Dammit! Missed him! Circle around! There's four of us and one of him!" someone called.

"Hitotsu, hitoyo no koi naraba
Futatsu, futari de jigoku he to
Mittsu, mina no koroshitemo
Yottsu, yomi he no michi-shirube
Itsutsu, ikusa no chi no ame no
Muttsu, mukuro to kawarya senu
Nanatsu, namida no kare hate te
Yattsu, yami yo ga tokete yuku
Kokonotsu konya ha shugen wo
Too de tooiki wo shu ni somete."

The four Sacred Hunters froze in place, their eyes wide as they heard Adrian singing. The song was dark and mysterious but they knew what it meant. It was the very promise that the priestess Katsuhito Mizuho made with the warrior Ashram. A promise of love, to go to hell together, to kill everyone. It was a story passed on among them. The warrior Ashram corrupted the priestess and convinced her to leave. Soon after they had married and left. But they had been hunted down and killed Ashram. This was where the stories differed. In one story they sealed Ashram's soul away. In the other the priestess summoned it from the depths of hell and gave it a new body. But nobody seemed to know what happened.

Adrian took the opportunity to move, his body rolling around the tree, the Devil's Teardrop coming out, with a quick flash across the nearest one's throat. before he vanished, using his advanced speed to circle around toward the next one. It wasn't until he got there that the first one's throat exploded in a spray of blood, his head rolling back, only thinly connected to the back of his body by a small flap of skin. Adrian's body shot toward the next one, his blade flashing out. He grinned as he felt his weapon connect with metal before he pushed, cutting through the defender's blade, his body turning as he shifted his grip he brought the blade down under his arm and just barely missing his side. The blade drove right into the woman's chest, piercing her heart. Her arms fell to her sides almost instantly as she twitched.

Adrian shifted as a needle slashed across his mask, drawing a gash across the porcelain. He was happy that he wore the mask, though it hardly ever offered protection. He released his grip on the weapon and kicked off the ground, aiming for the nearest tree, his arm coming back. The Devil's Teardrop formed in his hand before he brought it down, cleaving the male in two, from shoulder to hip.

Kicking off the branch he landed on he flipped his body forward. He could almost feel the air under him become solid as he lept again. His arm reached out, grabing a branch. He swung himself forward. He raised his arm protectively as a pair of shuriken slammed into his forearm. He grabbed the male's throat, his blade coming down, piercing the male's lung. Adrian smirked as he rose, withdrawing his blade. Turning he swung the sword, casting the blood from his blade. Sheathing his sword he grumbled heading toward the ritual site once more. He was done here, the five corpses a testament to his commitment to his plans. Revenge would be his.

"One, it's a love in one generation.
Two, the two of us go to hell.
Three, even though we kill everybody.
Four, signpost for the land of the dead.
Five, the rain of blood because of the war.
Six, just like a dead body.
Seven, my tears run out.
Eight, a dark night starts to melt.
Nine, tonight, a wedding celebration
Ten, a sigh, colored crimson."

Adrian walked away, taking his time as he walked, thinking of the promise he had made to Mizuho back then. It was another lifetime, and he was another person back then. But the same blood coursed through his veins. And he was more than capable of drawing upon that same strength. He only had to unlock the transformation and he would be back to his former strength.

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PostSubject: Re: The master of the Shadowlands(closed)   Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:05 pm


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The master of the Shadowlands(closed)
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