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 Strange Allies [closed]

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PostSubject: Strange Allies [closed]   Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:31 pm

I had spent years and years in this realm of the gods, those that had thought they were all good. I thought little of them- I believed that the only reason that I had been sent there was because I was innocent when I had died, and then I was kicked out because I worshipped my religion’s god? Now I still helped those when it was needed within the human realm, and I even held a dislike of the demons. But I was wondering why one was always stuck in their animal form, but and cuddly animals, in the heavenly realm. My eyes were closed for a few hours in sleep in an alley when I was woken up by a friend of mine, whom had usually gotten my help without any sort of payment towards him. I blinked awake as the guy- a ferret or something like that- spoke to me in an excited tone. His surprise changed my human appearance into that of a baby snow fox, my normal animal form.

“Hey, hey! Mei, I found something for ya, Mei! I know that you like to help people on your human form, and I know that it’s hard to keep that form- ‘specially when ya get surprised. I think that ya have the skill, though, to be able to do this, Mei.”

I would shake my head as I wondered what he meant. But he was already off and running, and I would run after him. It was rather annoying to be woken up so early, and a yawn yanked its self from my lips. I would have to carefully follow after his smaller form, since it as truly a very hard thing to follow, like it was water. My form would turn back into a human as I would follow after him with careful sapphire blue eyes- my eyes had always been like this, since I’d turned into a spirit, since they used to be onyx. I would calmly allow my Iyce abilities to activate, the only I had was Blayde, the ice forming around my hand. I had just enough skill to use it, but not all that much formal training, not even in my past life. As we moved, the ferrite would speak about where we were heading, while I listened with annoyance behind me.

“There is a tree ahead that holds a fruit. It’s said that the fruit will allow any of us to keep our human form. I’d heard, though, that the tree has a guardian, and the guardian keeps those fruits safe. I read this in a book, it looked pretty, well, worn out- old, I suppose. But, I think you can beat it long enough to get a fruit. I may even help ya with that fruit”

A smile was likely on its little lips, but I would not always trust him. I raised an eyebrow, but it was not the time to seem annoyed. I looked at the blayde that I had formed on my hand- I’d found that it was shorter then most might have used it. I seemed to lean more towards the shorter type of weapons. I guessed what my brother told me about ‘assassins’, but years and years ago. Shaking my head, lightly, I would look back towards the city that we had left- I really did wonder what we were going to be doing. Taking on an older demon or kami so that we can get the fruit, or at least me. I would pause once we got to where the ferrite spoke.

“It is time for us to get serious, now.”

We would enter a portal that was created by the ferret kami, and I would follow after him silently, before I would come out at the end. A tree stood there, with purple fruits that were the strangest thing that I'd seen. However, what was more concerning was what stood by the tree. An ogre looking beast stood near the tree. I would look down at the ferret who would wink at me. Shaking my head, I would pull my fist with Blyade on it back and then walk towards the ogre. It was maybe thirty paces away before the beast would swing its ugly head towards me and blinked, as though wondering where I'd came from.

Then it didn't matter. A roar tore from it's lips as it would lumber towards me in some sort of rage born from sight. I was slightly hesitant at that roar, but I would narrow my eyes and leap up, landing land its large arm that had risen. It would move with surprising speed and throw its other arm at me. I threw the arm with Blayde on it to that side, the ice sliding through skin and spilling blood. Another mad roar, but this time with a hint of pain. Not much, though, it seemed to have a thick skin. Pulling back as I pulled, I would move with some quickness and make a swift kick at the beast's head, landing it on the side. It didn't move the head, and the hand that had been stabbed would come over and grab me. I would struggle slightly and then felt crushing pain as a scream would tear from my lips.

Then something interfered, a spear-blade slashed the guardian's hand that was holding me off. I would slam into the ground and grunted in pain. I looked over and saw that the ferret was no more, and there litterally stood a knight in shining armor. Where was the ferret. The ogre was howling in pain as blood gushed from the wound. The knight strode forward and pulled the large fingers apart and helped me up. He would be shaking his head slightly, and I'd not idea why. Then the voice of the ferret came from his lips, but serious instead of his usual playful tone.

"I'm sorry that I pitted you against him... he was a bit too strong for you, I see. But he is not defeated yet. Go, now, while he howls. Stab him in the neck and end this pitiful sight."

I would stumble towards the beast, a mindless thing for me. Its arms flailed as I came closer. It did not take long before I reached where I needed to. It would slow down the flailing and howling, but it was too late. I pulled back my arm and threw it forward, slamming the ice against the throat of the beast and slid the blade into the windpipe, then slashed it out. The beast would look like Nearly Headless Nick for a moment. Then I finished it off, slashing the other side off, shattering the ice blade. I gripped my side and knew that I had broken ribs. I would have to move on anyway. I stumbled forward and grabbed the lowest fruit, plucking it off the tree and nearly fell. The ferret knight would catch me with a light smile on his face.

"I've never told you my name all these years, have I? My name is Alister Wisehoof."

I would give a nod and a light smile as I took a bite of the fruit, eating it slowly. No longer, I would discover, that I would have to keep that animal form.

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PostSubject: Re: Strange Allies [closed]   Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:09 pm

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Strange Allies [closed]
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