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 The Sins of Man[Closed]

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PostSubject: The Sins of Man[Closed]   Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:26 pm

[Iwamaru/Greed's Background Story: Part I]
How long had he been trapped within this place? With only the darkness and silence as company, he had lost track of time quite easily. His mind left to run wild and unchecked, he had slowly lost his sanity during the many years trapped within the small statue. The shrine that had been erected around it was no long there, taken back by nature itself. With the current situation, it was doubtful anybody would come across him to set him free. And so, trapped in this sort of limbo, the snake statue remained buried under the rubble and debris of the collapsed shelter that once provided it both protection and isolation. However, it was on this day that the path of two very unique demonic spirits would be suddenly, and violently, brought together in a twist of fate...

He was know as Greed, and demon created in the spitting image of the sin itself. Violent. Lustful. His only goal in life was very simple: to gain absolute power, riches beyond belief, and as many women as he could get his hands on. But something had gone wrong with this quest. Greed had been left torn and beaten in a previous battle, and had come to the forest as a way to regain his power and get revenge. Releasing a sigh, he came to collapse across the pile of rubble before him, a trickle of blood rolling down from the corner of his mouth and along his chin and neck. He was weak, and needed rest. With the hunters in the area, staying in an open place like this was not the best of choices, but what other ones did he have?

It was then that he felt the presence of another. Not human, by far. A demon, with a power far greater than he could imagine. But where was it coming from? After a moment of concentration, he realized that it was actually emitting from the rubble he had come to rest upon. He blinked rapidly, and then without hesitation, began to dig away at the rock and earth that was before him. Within hours, he came face to face with the odd statue, to which he realized was the source of the demonic energy.

A snake, wrapped around what looked like a sword of sort. It was worn down, it's age impossible to determine just from first glance. Reaching out to it, he gently touched the head of the snake with his index finger. What happened next was sudden, almost Instantaneous. Greed tried to pull back, but the contact was all that had been needed. A surge of electrical energy erupted from the statue, wrapping itself around the oni's body and bringing him to his knees, paralyzed from the sudden impact and his already weak state.

He couldn't break free from whatever spell had been cast from the contact, and soon, his mind was fading to black. Whatever was in this statue seemed to be binding itself to his mind and body, and he simply lacked the energy to fight it off. After a short struggle, the darkness consumed him completely, and everything faded to black...

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The Sins of Man[Closed]
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