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 Light and Darkness

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PostSubject: Light and Darkness   Light and Darkness EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 5:51 pm

Like some of my friends, I never knew my father. But I never complained about it, not after I was seven anyway. But I was in the minority. Combine that with my quiet nature, and I had a big red bull's eye on my back. It was never going to stop, at least not until I stud up to them. But most of them were 'sports stars' at the school. Though I was thankful that not everyone picked on me, those that did seemed to pick up the slack.

"Hey there Leon." one of them said.

His name was Kisuke, and he was constantly trying to make himself look bigger by picking on me. Though that never seemed to make sense. How did someone considered strong ever get 'stronger' by picking on the weak? I mean he once punched me so hard it knocked the wind out of me, and then he seemed to get more popular. How the fuck does that happen?! But this time I wasn't going to be bullied. Not anymore.

I said nothing as I walked on. My master had taught me that my skills were meant only for defense, but I was ready to defend myself should they try something. And, true to his nature, the big oaf couldn't stand to be ignored.

"You think you're better than me Leon!?" he demanded, his hand grabbing my shoulder. "At least I have my father around to teach me to fight. You haven't got anyone to learn from so fuck best be careful."

My eyes narrow at the mention of a father. He was picking at old wounds. It still hurt but it was something I'd grown used to. My eyes narrowed as I watched him. My heart was pounding in my ears, as I glared up at him, but my anger only fueled his taunts.

"Oh? Don't like it when daddy's mentioned do you?" Kisuke demanded.

And still I had nothing to say to a dumb asshole like this guy. He cheated his homework, and tests, but because he was a 'star' he was given preferential treatment. But not anymore. If he touched me again I was going to lay him out!

"Man, this guy never says a thing, like a fucking monk. Can't even get laid! I saw Rei hit on you at the party! Fuckin' Queen of the school offers to fuck you and you said no? What a fag!" Kisuke continued.

That was the last straw. I felt something inside me snap. My vision went red, everything around me moving slower as my hands clenched into fists. I watched him draw his arm back and come in for the blow. But it was like he was underwater the whole time. I simply slid back a step, and the blow brushed by me. But in that same instant I stepped forward my knee slamming into his gut before I threw him to the ground at my feet.


My vision snapped back to normal, and I stared at the 'star' at my feet, trembling as he curled up in the fetal position. He was hurt pretty bad but it wasn't anything serious. Turning to the person that had spoken to me I sighed, looking at my sister.

"You were told not to fight! Time to go!" she said, taking my hand.

She pulled me away, and I didn't resist. The crowd just parted as she lead me away, my body tired, like I'd run a marathon in just a few seconds. My energy had simply gone kaput. But I had figured out what I needed to know, and now I only needed to find a way to do it at will.

-Soulline unlocked(Spir'ty)
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Light and Darkness
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