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 Questions unanswered

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PostSubject: Questions unanswered   Wed May 06, 2009 11:26 pm

Adrian stormed through the woods, walking away from the shrine of the Sacred Hunters. As he made his way through the woods he kept looking around. He was out for blood this night. The words Sierra had spoken to him before their training constantly spun in his head. She had told him, that he'd shot his sister. He could remember a broken clock and playing with his uncle's gun. But he couldn't remember anything. But as Sierra had said people tended to block out traumatic experiences.

He saw the demon coming at him, stupidly. Drawing the Sword of Light he brought the blade down, cutting through the Demon's body down the middle, as he grinned. He didn't seem bothered by the splater of blood on his body. He simply continued forward. He could feel them, staying on the edge of his vision, staying within the shadows. Were they afraid of him? Or was it the Sword of Light? Goranova hummed in his hand, his body shaking as he went.

"COME OUT YOU COWARDS! I'LL KILL YOU ALL! COME OUT! I WANT ANSWERS!!!" he demanded as he entered a clearing somewhat familiar.

He didn't recognize the place he had first encountered the second strongest enemy he'd ever fought. But somewhere in the back of his mind something screamed that he should be more careful. That the werewolf could still be around.

"I SAID COME OUT YOU BASTARDS! I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!! I WANT ANSWERS YOU SONS OF BITCHES!" he shouted once more, his body shaking as his rage began to wane. "WHY ME!? HUH!? WHY AM I THE ONE YOU CHOSE?!"

He fell to his knees, his eyes squeezing shut as tears managed to push from the corners of his eyes. He wanted answers, but no matter how much he tried to convince himself, here was their territory. He had an advantage with Goranova in his posession. But at the same time they had sheer overwhelming numbers. But even the strongest of demons were like normal humans in the wake of the Sword of Light.

He felt the power of the crystal weapon pulse lightly as he breathed, his rage fading quickly. In his mind he could see it as a thread of gold glitering in a sea of pitch black waters. But try as he might he couldn't grasp the thread, and only found himself sinking deeper into the 'sea' around him.

You wont find answers here, Adrian. Only death resides this deep in the woods. The answers you seek are in the city. You must find the answers you seek there. Demons here cannot help you. Think it through.

"The city is a nexus of power... There is no way supernatural activity goes completely unnoticed. There has to be something there. A branch of the government of some kind. Something to deal with it. There has to be something back in town... Akiko has to know where to start." he muttered to himself before standing.

Turning his back on the deep woods before him he began making his way back toward the ruins. In the morning he would take his leave of the demon hunters. He will know what happened, regardless of what anyone said. He had already been branded by most of the students at the university as a crazy person. But he didn't care.

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PostSubject: Re: Questions unanswered   Sun May 10, 2009 9:55 am

Updated: Adrian.

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Questions unanswered
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