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 Another day in Paradise(Closed)

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PostSubject: Another day in Paradise(Closed)   Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:22 pm

Clad in black robes, Adrian stood in the center of a group gathered. He spun a wooden sword in a quick circle before his body turned, avoiding a large club before his wooden blade cracked down on the demon's wrist. Reversing the direction he brought it up under the demon's chin, knocking it up off it's feet. He watched the demon fall on its ass as he moved forward, toward it. But he didn't hear the other demon entering, the cheers of the crowd drowning out all sounds.

His head shifted forward, the club having cracked across the back of his head. Turning he let go of the wooden weapon, in it's place a black swirl of mist appeared. As the mist fell away the Devil's Teardrop rested in the grip of it's master. Adrian's hands found the proper grip in the weapon as his eyes turned to face the second demon. This one was large but not much larger than Adrian was. Seeing the Devil's Teardrop it began backing away, it's eyes wide as the crowd closed to keep him in the ring.

"You just never learn do you?" he asked.

"How the hell do you have that?! You aren't him!" the demon said, glaring at the human.

Adrian brought the heavy bastard sword up over his head before bringing it down toward the demon's head. He felt the blade of his sword bite into the creature's club before he turned, his body spinning in a quick circle his blade coming round in a slash. It once more was stopped by the creature's club. But it wouldn't stop the swordsman's advance. He brought his blade back and kicked off the ground his body rising as he brought his blade down as hard as he could. The first demon stepped in smashing it's club across the swordsman's back.

Adrian's grip on his blade loosened as he fell to the ground. The second demon threw the Devil's Teardrop aside as it laughed.

"Mimicking Fu Leng's magic wont save you." the demon said.

The two demons brought their clubs back as the swordsman fell to his knees. He smirked his eyes narrowing as he watched them. They were going to try to crush his head between their clubs with one strike each. He leaned over to his right as they swung. Their clubs cracked together hard, as Adrian brought the Devil's Teardrop to his hand. With a swift arc he cut the clubs free of the demons control by severing the demons hands at the wrists. He rose, his face doing nothing to hide the joy rushing through his system as he stood there, excited by the battle.

"I'm no mime. My magic is my own. Aguaiem maha maveil." he said.

He felt the shield coming into place as another demon threw a dagger into the fight. The small weapon bounced off his shield and fell to the ground as he turned to the small imp. It was shoved into the ring as Adrian brought his blade out in a wide arc, severing the heads of the first two demons. He moved toward the Imp, picking his wooden sword up as he went.

"Anyone that dares to doubt my strength is free to come." he said.

As he approached the imp attempted to flee but was caught by an ogre. The larger beast crushed the imp for fleeing from the swordsman. The crowd of demons began to dispurse as Adrian stood there. Reaching into his robes he removed his mask. He slid the mask into place over his face before tying it in place. He wasn't happy about fighting without it on, especially at the order of his master. Anyone could have seen the worry on his face without it. He'd been less confident without it. He was like an addict, but it wasn't that he was trying to get anything. In all reality he was trying to block out his past. He wasn't Adrian Darren Farenheights anymore. He was Fu Leng the Dragon of Shadows, or at least the human embodiment of Fu Leng.

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Another day in Paradise(Closed)
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